Three Rules for Slim Figure. Rule 1.

Follow three simple rules that will help you to lose weight and to become healthier. Make them the principles of your life! Rule 1. Choose foodstuffs and watch the amount of eaten food. Rule 2. Keep the dietary habits. Rule 3. Load your muscles regularly. Well, as for the first rule, come to minimum or remove from the diet completely the next foodstuffs: -- all products made from white flour, including second hot dishes (for example, ravioli, cakes or pancakes); -- all products fried in oil (cakes, potato, pancakes, fish, eggs); -- any sweet carbonated beverages; -- any sweets "three in one" ("three in one" is a dessert, where there are three ingredients together: flour, sugar, fat); -- smoked products (smoked sausages, smoked meat, smoked fish); -- lard, fat meat, chicken skin, chicken legs (whole), fat kinds of cheese.
The Morning Drink of Cheerfulness
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