Is Sushi an Alternative for Fast Food?

Sushi has advantages over other kinds of fast food, especially over hamburgers, roasted chicken and various sandwiches. Generally sushi is great when you're dieting. Whether you're trying to keep your high-blood pressure down, boost your energy level, or just fit into your favorite jeans sushi is right here to help. Unlike other kinds of fast food, which contain the great number of harmful fats and carbohydrates, sushi is the source of the unsaturated fats, getting from fish and avocado. Necessary acid Omega 3 contained in fat fish cannot be produced by our organism. This acid improves mental work and physical activity. Avocado is the source of vitamin E - the powerful antioxidant. Rice contains the great number of iron. Therefore, sushi is the most useful among all snacks. By the way, sushi is covered with seaweeds, nori. Nori contains EPA - unsaturated fatty acid, which increase arteries and very effective for lowering of blood pressure. Sushi includes only half of fats contained in the same quantity of fast food and really is the finest alternative for traditional fast food. Unfortunately the main components of healthy food, such as protein, calcium, fibers, minerals, and vitamins can’t be found in sushi. However, all these useful components present in fresh vegetables and fruits. Remember, non-fat milk products, fast meat, fish, grains, nuts and the great number of fruits and vegetables will balance your diet anyway. If you eat sushi for lunch, take carrot, celery and legumes also. Eat fruits, black bread, non-fat milk or yoghurt for breakfast. Raise protein in organism with help of stake, chicken or fish, and of course vegetables in the evening. Eat with pleasure, stay healthy.
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