Most athletes put their bodies to the test. They tire over time and suffer from significant nutritional deficiencies. How can we preserve the organism from a deficiency that risks destroying it? Here are some interesting nutritional tips for athletes, whether they are beginners or already experienced.

Good to know about the sportsman or athlete

An athlete and a sportsperson expend more energy than a person who does not play sports. They also sweat much more than a normal person. As a result, he loses a large amount of mineral salts each time he practices his activity. That is why such a person should eat more than a non-athlete. The athlete will have to compensate for his losses after performing his activity. Whether it is a loss of mineral salts or of other nutrients essential to the proper functioning of the body. What to do in this case? He will have to eat enough vitamins.

Foods to be preferred by the athlete

The athlete will have to eat the same foods as non-athletes. However, the quantity will not be the same, since the athlete will spend more energy than a non-athlete. The foods they eat should provide a regular energy intake for the whole day, such as dairy products, fruit, vegetables, meat, starchy foods and fats. Opinions differ on the latter type of food as many believe that they promote weight gain. However, fats provide the body with fatty acids and vitamins, which are very important for the proper functioning of the body. The same goes for starchy foods, which are sources of carbohydrates for our bodies. It should be pointed out that food should be eaten on the basis of a balanced diet. The athlete should eat all types of food and in good quantities. Eating a lot of protein and neglecting calcium intake is not recommended for example.

Stay well hydrated throughout the day

Athletes are generally aware of the importance of hydration during their activity. It is important to know that the loss of about 1% of one's weight during activity can lead to a loss of muscle efficiency of about 10%. On the other hand, some people forget that they also need to drink before and during practice. Throughout the day, a good sportsman or woman who wants to stay in shape should consume at least 1.5 litres of water. Beware, drinking is not the same as drinking mineral water. Athletes should drink water with a high mineral content to help eliminate waste in their body.

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