Gluten is increasingly avoided by athletes because it looks like glue and has difficulty evacuating from the body. Many of the foods we eat contain gluten. Want to try a diet without this mixture of protein and starch? Think about organic products!

Why should an athlete have to eat organic?

Organic food is not only recommended for sportsmen and women. This type of food is good for the health of all of us, as it is protected from pesticides and fungicides, which are not good for our health. Studies have already shown that organic products are richer in minerals and vitamins than products from traditional agriculture. However, a sportsman or woman who eats organic should not damage one nutrient over the other. He must eat a balanced diet. The mistake is often to think that proteins should be preferred over others, whereas the latter should never exceed 15% of the caloric intake for a bio-sportsman.

Food supplements for organic sports nutrition

Dietary supplements are not mandatory for athletes, but they can be a great help in conserving energy. They compensate for the losses that the body suffers during practice. These losses can be recovered by a good diet, but food supplements are not bad for your health either. At least, when they are taken as prescribed by a nutritionist. It is important to know that they are available in several types, such as energy bars, powdered preparations and energy drinks. The nutritionist advises such and such organic sports nutrition according to the type of sport practised and the physical effort deployed.

Examples of organic, rich and gluten-free sports nutrition

Several brands of organic, rich and gluten-free sports products are currently available in stores. There are ON products, BIO drink products, Speed Tonic products and so on. In all cases, it is important to read each package before buying. At best, you should seek the advice of a nutritionist. The mistake of many people is to consume without asking about the product. You should know that food supplements are not to be eaten at will. As supplements, they must be taken in reasonable doses. A natural energy bar is not consumed in large quantities. One to two bars per day are sufficient. As for spirulina, its consumption is good for your health, but you must follow the doctor's prescription and not exceed 3 intakes per day.

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