Lose Weight with Celery. Celery Juice.

Celery juice is very healthy. If you drink 2-3 teaspoons of juice every day before meals, you can easily lose some pounds for a couple of weeks. This juice facilitates digestion and has diuretic properties. The green leaves, stem, and the bulbous root of celery are all highly rich in active ingredients that make celery a very healthful. There is a well harmonious content of the basic minerals, vitamins and nutrients, but in addition there are important concentrations of other healthy substances like the essential oils that give celery its strong smell. These oils have a great effect on the regulation of the nervous system, and have a great calming power that makes celery so special.

Celery infusion at obesity

Boil 20g of celery herbs in 1 cup of water for 15 minutes. Boil a root for 30 minutes. Then strain and bring up to 2 cups, adding boiled water. Drink ½ cup of celery infusion 3-4 times a day. Important! Celery juice is contraindicated after the sixth month of pregnancy. It is not recommended for elderly and debilitated people. Contraindications also include diseases of the genitourinary system and gastrointestinal tract.
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