The Japanese Diet Tips. Part 1.

The Japanese diet is considered as one of the healthiest diets in the world. There is a misconception as to why the Japanese are so slim and healthy. People believe that the Japanese eat less, but they, on the contrary, do enjoy eating. Although Japanese women spend more money on food, they actually consume fewer calories compared to women in European countries. Japanese people eat about a hundred varieties of food a week. Their typical diet includes brown rice, fish, seasonal vegetables and fruits. Brown rice is consumed in large quantities in Japan, so that it is virtually served with every meal of the day, including breakfast. It is the main source of carbohydrates and as it low in fat rice helps fill a stomach up with few calories. For extra health benefits rice cooked and eaten with no butter or oil. Japanese soba noodles are also an important part of Japanese diet. Soba noodles are made from wheat and buckwheat flour and contain no white wheat. Being high in fiber they accelerate the digestive process and promote to remove cholesterol as well.
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