10 Principles of Ayurveda Nutrition. Part 1.

How to eat with the benefits for body and soul? You can find the answer to this question in the ancient Indian "science of life" - Ayurveda.

1. Cook your food by yourself

One of the Ayurveda diet recommendations says: eat fresh, just cooked food. Do not expose it repeated thermal treatment. The process of cooking is very important too. You should begin the cutting vegetables and cooking soup only in a good mood, thinking about nice things. This makes the food tastier and better not only for you but for the people you love (and feed). So if you are offended and angry, you’d better to postpone cooking.

2. Eat "alive" food

To be viable, our body needs in live food. This is fresh, natural fruits, vegetables and whole grain. All of them contain enzymes necessary for proper digestion and assimilation of food. Also they have nutrients for normal cell development. Actually in saying "You are what you eat" there is the profound truth. Cook from fresh ingredients. Frozen and canned ones are "lifeless". And eat more raw food (vegetables, fruits, grain), because with any treatment products lose a significant part of the life-giving energy and flavor.

3. Eat when you are hungry

In Ayurveda the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner are not the authority. It recommends eating only when you feel hungry. The body knows better when to eat. However, this rule does not apply to cases concerned with violation of appetite. "Eat, when the body prompts to you" does not mean "over-eat." The only time limitation concerns breakfast. The first time for meal is recommended before 8 a.m.
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