Women’s Workouts

The fear of getting "bulky" detracts women from intense weight-lifting workouts, but the majority of American women just wants to lose weight and get fitter, so even the very "masculine" types of workouts are of course apply not only to men, but to women as well. There are definitely some key physiological differences between men and women, but they hardly present limitations, so as long as the program design is smart and well executed, both men and women can benefit from tough workouts. Women's workout & wellness tend to put the accent on yoga, ballet and dance, and other light-weight stretching and cardio - all of which are great workouts, but involve far less intense resistance training than some of the more "men's" workouts. So should women be afraid to test workouts beyond yoga and Pilates? The right decision is to choose workouts based on goals, not gender. Women should always be mindful of the risk for injury with any intense, high-impact workout; to be more precise anyone should be aware of potential risks associated with intense workouts. Also a base foundation of fitness before starting an intense workout program is required. Anyway remember that even if some workout sounds very intense it's always possible to modify the exercises for all levels and abilities. Try to perform as much as you can handle, and you will definitely lose weight and reach your fitness goals.
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