Diet for Beautiful Breast

Many women dream to keep breast beautiful and healthy for all life. And ladies begin to achieve ideal forms with the help of tablets or plastic surgery. Some young moms refuse from breastfeed now. But scientists consider that the main secret of success in this matter is proper nutrition. To maintain the beautiful shape of the breast and to guard against breast diseases doctors advise women to include tasty and useful products in your diet every day. First of all, this is "red delicacies" - fruits and vegetables with high content of vitamins A and E. They are apricots, bananas, citrus fruits, carrots, tomatoes. All these products are very useful for the skin of the breast and prevent the formation of cancer cells. Then vitamin C is very important for breast. You can find vitamin C in above-mentioned products and in green leafy vegetables. They contain antioxidants, which protect the breast from cancer cells. In addition, doctors recommend eating the bread of bran and cereal from whole grains and with water only. You’d better to limit the fat and salt. Good idea is to purchase brewer's yeast in the drugstore. They have a lot of thiamine, which provides desired elasticity for the skin of the breast. When you keep any diet, you can notice that breast becomes to grow thin first of all. The fact is that the mammary gland is surrounded by adipose tissue, which gives tempting shape to the breast. That’s why when you loose weight, breast diminishes in size. By the way, breast size is not as important as its form. Namely, breast form can suffer from sudden weight loss. To avoid this, you should have balanced eating, and also you have to do sport exercises.
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