Water as the Main Condition of Weight Loss

Everyone knows: if a person can function for quite a long time without food, without the constant replenishment of the body by water he will survive only for a few days. All metabolic processes take place only with the participation of water. And water, or rather its adequate presence in cells, is an essential factor of our harmony, not to mention beauty, youth, and health. It would seem a paradox! After all we know that at the initial stage of active weight loss, we often lose the water but not the fat together with the first lost pounds. So why not simply reduce water consumption? Maybe, if we drink less, then we will weigh less? It turns out that it’s vice versa! The more we drink (of course within reason), the slimmer we are become. There are three basic mechanisms that ensure the harmony of our body: • First, we need to make the fat go beyond the fat cells (lipolysis), where the molecules of fat are stored like in a depot. • Second, those molecules of fat that left their cells have to get into the mitochondria of body cells, where the burning of fat takes place. • And third, the immediate process of burning fat molecules, and its transformation into energy. And in all these three stages water plays the crucial role. If the cells are seared and there is little moisture in them, the cellular metabolism is practically not carried out. Cells saturated with water burn lots of fat, but dehydrated burn a little, and no matter how hard you try, with a deficit of water in the body you are not able to get rid of excess weight. There is liquid all over our bodies: 80% muscles consist of water, the bones contain water, liver, kidneys and spleen are composed of water by almost 65 percent, and connective tissues and joints - by nearly 40%. In cells, in tissue (intercellular fluid), and in blood vessels a constant exchange of fluid is going on, and this fluid is taken from the gut.
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