The Things You’ll Need For Pilates

Below are some pieces of Pilates equipment you need to start Pilates practice or perfect it. An exercise mat could well be your first choice for doing Pilates. Most Pilates studios have Pilates mats, so the real reason to get a Pilates is mat is for your home workout. Pilates mats should be thicker than most yoga mats, a good Pilates mat is at least a half inch thick and should also be firm. A mat that is too soft will not support balance and alignment properly. Make sure that the mat is long enough and wide enough. The magic circles, also known as exercise rings, Pilates rings and fitness circles, are among the most versatile pieces of Pilates equipment you can get for your home workout. The magic circle is provides gentle to moderate resistance in an exercise. They also give the body feedback as to where it is in space and which muscles are being used. Exercise balls and elastic exercise bands have become popular for Pilates workouts, though they are not traditional Pilates equipment. A resistance band is one of the most portable, versatile and low-tech pieces of exercise equipment you can have. Exercise bands, also known as resistance bands, stretch, workout or flex bands provide adjustable resistance for both stretch and strength exercises. Pilates equipment, such as the reformer, the Wunda Chair, and other innovative machines have expanded the repertoire of exercised considerably. One of the biggest advantages Pilates equipment offers over unassisted exercise is variable resistance. Instead of doing the balance work with no resistance, the equipment has a spring system that allows the user to set a resistance level that challenges their balance and improves their core strength. You can do Pilates exercises in any clothing that moves well and isn't too baggy or revealing. However, if you want to spruce up a bit, there are lots of wonderful choices of workout clothing designed for Pilates and yoga that is stylish and colorful. Pilates exercise was once in the domain of the professional athletes and dancers. Today, with so big variety of Pilates equipment available to support your practice, Pilates become a popular exercise form for people of all professions. Pilates exercise equipment will help make your workout more fun and effective, and Pilates in turn will essentially strengthen and lengthen your muscle which improves your body shape as well as your posture, and your flexibility too.
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