Seven Perfect Foodstuffs for Weight Loss

In case if you would have to find yourself at the deserted island, which food would you like to have there? First you might have thought about some mouth-watering snacks, but finally you would definitely dream about healthy food to keep you fit and beautiful. Thus, we choose useful, rich for minerals food and neglect the one overfilled with trans-fats, rich for fats or sodium (Na). So, if you want to lose weight, you should do the same. Almonds. Proteins and fiber combination in this tasty nut will keep you full of energy. Almond, this reach source of healthy mono-unsaturated fats also contains calcium and vitamin E. Almond consumption will help you to strengthen bones and low down cholesterol even. Go ahead! Try this: add some fried pieces or slices of almond to the cooked vegetables, e.g. broccoli, cabbage or green beans. Avocado. Avocado is rich for oils, but the bigger part of them is mono-unsaturated one. It also contains vitamin C, potassium, folate and lutein, which make healthy impact on your eyes. Avocado contains seed sterol (beta-sitosterol), which helps to low down the cholesterol level. Try this: mash avocado till liquid slurry condition, add some lemon or lime juice and consume it instead of mayonnaise or other spices. Broccoli. Broccoli is the rich source of vitamins A, C, K and beta-carotene. Eggs. For 75 calories only one small egg fills you with 13 essential minerals and vitamins. The eggs also make us stronger as they appear to be a rich source of useful protein. Sweet potato (batata). One batata contains day’s quantity of beta-carotene, really nourishing substance which prevents cancer appearance. Your heart will also be happy because of vitamin C and potassium contained in batata. Try this: mash the baked batata in vegetable broth and serve as the first course. Teff. These tiny grains are simply overfilled with nourishing substances: teff contains twice as much of iron (Fe) and twenty times more of calcium than other grains, plus the efficient amount of fibers. Try this: ½ glass of dry teff pour over with ¼ glass of boiled water. Let the mixture brew up for about 10 minutes, then mix it with lean beef or turkey to make healthy and tasty sandwich. Yoghurt (low-fat, food additive free). Yoghurt, like the other dairy products, appears to be a rich source of protein and calcium. But, due to its bioactive cultures (beneficent bacteria) it can positively treat your digestion and immunity systems.
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