Quiz to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

The quiz developed by Dr. Robert Kushner is a valuable tool to help you understand your patterns and habits when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. It is especially made to get you started on a path to achieving your ideal weight. Very often what holds people back when they are trying to lose weight is that they aren't aware of their own actions. This quiz will make you aware of many everyday habits that you may have overlooked. There are, for example, questions about what type of foods you eat, when you tend to eat, if you often skip meals and much more. There are also questions that examine some of your attitudes and hidden behaviors regarding food. Some of us, for instance, have different eating habits in public than we do privately. The quiz has questions to bring these types of patterns to light. You can read many articles or even books about how to lose weight, but this won't help you unless you are honest about what you are actually doing right now. The quiz, which does not take very long to complete, will give you an overview of what you are doing and where you can use improvements. If you have the goal of losing weight, you should take the quiz in order to gain important insights into the habits that could be holding you back.
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