Three Rules for Slim Figure. Rule 2.

The dietary habits

Keeping the eating habits, we give the body a chance to digest and to assimilate all eaten food, but not to save food for future use. Thus, debugged dietary habits are the main enemy for body fat. In addition, your bowels will work like clockwork. Natural cleansing of the body also plays an important role in weight loss. It is desirable to follow this scheme of meals: - Breakfast (porridge, eggs) - Second breakfast (cottage cheese, tea) - Dinner (meat, vegetables, soups) - Snack (fruits) - Supper (18.00-19.00 - fish, soup, porridge) - Kefir or milk at night Make the time interval of two or three hours after each meal. This time you can drink tea, camomile infusion or unsweetened compote.

The components of your diet

1. Cereal (porridges: buckwheat, pearl-barley, corn, oats, and millet). 2. Lean meat (always in combination with raw or stewed vegetables). 3. Sour milk products (cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, kefir, etc.). 4. Soups. 5. Fish, seafood. 6. Fruits, dried fruits. 7. Drinks (green tea, jelly, juice, chicory, camomile). 8. Vegetables (raw, cooked) as a garnish and salad. 9. Honey. 10. Dessert: chocolate, meringue, raisins, jams, marsh-mallow, fruit candy. 11. All kinds of nuts, seeds. 12. Eggs.
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