About Use of Supper

Every day after work people go to the gym. Are you one of them? So you know that after evening training and whole working day people want to eat much. But they are afraid to have supper because they think that late supper prevents to lose weight. There is the theory that we often put on the weight only because we "eat" more calories that our organism needs. After overeating unexpended calories are turned into extra pounds and saved for long "deposit". Last time this theory becomes more widespread. But assertion that the reason of overweight is late supper is considered like myth. During athletic classes in the gym you expend glycogen – main source of energy for muscles, formed from glucose. So you have to fortify your forces after training to restore supplies of carbohydrate in your organism. So you should have supper. Also if you don't have supper you’ll have problems with sleep. Or in the morning you begin to eat with so strong desire that you can cancel the progress of previous day. Light supper, even if it is late supper, won’t harm. The main thing is not to eat much. Of course your trainer can give you the consultation about meal.
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