The Most Famous Diets in the World. Part 2.

3. Hollywood Diet. Hollywood Diet or more famous as the South Beach Diet has been described by cardiologist Arthur Agatston at the first time. Once he decided to help people with bad heart to lose weight. Magazines declare in unison that this diet has become a real breakthrough, especially in South Florida, land of bikini. This diet principal calls up to consume food with low glicemic level. Don’t be afraid. It’s really simple. Glycemic index in (GI) shows the product’s ability to rise up glucose level of your blood (to compare with pure glucose), and the food ability to rise up sugar level in your blood. Higher-glycemic food is easily digested and absorbed by your body. Food with low glycemic index rises up sugar level in your blood much slower, because carbohydrates contained in this food do not get absorbed at once. Thus, glycemic index shows up the speed at which food transforms into glucose and is being absorbed to show then up in blood. The fat is not being stored if the consumed food glycemic index (GI) is lower than 50. The point is you only have to remember the list of allowed food stuffs and eat unlimited quantities of them up. You can lose up to 5 kilos for 2 weeks while keeping this diet. Popular singer Beyonce arranges her ration this way. She performs it in two stages. At the first stage she refuses all foodstuffs with GI 35 and more points. For two weeks she loses those hated kilos. Permitted: • Beef, veal, pork, poultry (skinless) – boiled would be the best • Seafood • Cheese – low- or nonfat • Nuts – peanuts (20 pieces), pistachio (30) or walnuts (7) • Egg, not limited, if your health allows you such a treatment • Vegetables: artichokes, asparagus, legumes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumbers, vegetable marrows, egg-plants, tomatoes (no more than one per day), celery, spinach, turnip • Mushrooms • Sugar-free spices, lemon juice TABOO for alcohol, sweet drinks, fruit! At the second stage you may include into your ration food with Glicemin index 35-50. This stage is aimed to keep your result at the reached level. As for food with GI over 50, you should exclude it from your ration forever.
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