The Most Famous Diets in the World. Part 1.

Dietology is a science of our bodies’ beauty. Human being is beautiful since the day of his creation, that’s why our desire to have a nice young body is natural. This desire is thousands of years old. Nowadays there are three great diets acknowledged by humanity. 1. Chinese diet. Yes, yes! Exactly! Chinese diet is really worth to occupy the first position as it has passed the testing through thousands of years. Along with its good effect in the field of weight loss it had influenced the things such a way, that a Chinese sick with oncological or cardiovascular diseases appears to be nonsense today. The main rule of Chinese cuisine directs you to the plenty of sea food, cereals and vegetables cooked by traditional manner: everything should be finely cut, grated, chopped up such a way for the one has almost nothing to chew. One of Chinese diet components is rice, but consuming of it is limited to some extend for not to harm the body with this pretty heavy food. Chinese dietitians pay much attention to mineral water and recommend drinking at least 1 litre of it daily. Mineral water clears the bowels of chemical waste, helps to keep the body fit and rejuvenates it intensively. Chinese dietology recommends starting the day with two glasses of warm or hot distilled water consumed on an empty stomach. This procedure clears the bowels well, assists better digestion and nutritious substances absorbing. 2. Potato diet. Potato diet enjoys great popularity. In contempt of legends, potato really helps to lose pair-trio kilos of weight for weekend, as its energy value makes only 70 calories. At the same time potato makes you full easily, it contains plenty of vitamins C, B, calcium and sodium thanks to which excess liquid goes out of the body. The actress Julia Roberts keeps such a diet. At the end of each week she arranges a healthy weekend for herself and loses weight down to three kilograms. Anyway, remember to consult your doctor if you keep strictly this or any other mono-diet. Do not forget to take pharmaceutical vitamins.
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