The Light Version of Buckwheat Diet

Published on : 27 May 20202 min reading time

If the three-day diet is not for you, try a light version of it. A couple of weeks you should eat buckwheat porridge with minimal addition of salt three times a day.

It is allowed to drink a liter of low-fat yogurt during the day. You can also drink mineral or plain water. Good news for coffee lovers: a morning cup of weak coffee is not prohibited, but without sugar and other sweets, and in regards of tea it is better to choose green. The total volume of liquid should not exceed three liters per day.

You can also enjoy fruits, but no more than two pieces of each. You can also add some dried fruit to buckwheat. Raisins, dried apricots and prunes will help to assuage hunger.

It is also important, and this applies to most of the diets, that one can not eat after six pm. You may be upset because of this at first, but after a few days on a diet, you will feel that you don’t really want to eat because your stomach size will shrink. The most important thing to remember is to just do it!

This diet is recommended to keep for two weeks and then stop for a month to avoid habituation. When you finish the diet, try not to fall into a food coma. At the end of the second week of buckwheat diet one should gradually get back to the routine menu.

A person should continue to eat buckwheat at least once a day, along with salads and soups, and then add meat if one wishes. In order not to gain the weight lost during the diet it is advisable to spend one day a week on the buckwheat diet, this will really assist to keep the body clear from toxins and extra plumpness.

Be aware that buckwheat does not contain any essential nutrients. That is why experts recommend taking a multivitamin during the procedure. They say that the weight comes back very rarely. In any case, after a couple of months, the procedure can be repeated. Your body will only be grateful for this.

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