Main Products for Detox. Part 1.

Following the detox program has already become a good habit of many people who control their health and weight. The easiest way to do this is including products from this list in your diet. Green leafy vegetables (green salads, celery, cabbage, spinach). Eat them raw; add them to broths, vegetable salads, garnish and fresh juices. They protect your liver from harmful toxins (pesticides, heavy metals). Lemons. You should make lemonade; add lemon juice to salad seasoning, hot dishes (many recipes often need adding fresh lemon juice); drink water with lemon and honey because it can still thirst perfectly. To cut a long story short, do not neglect the vitamin C! It’s true that lemon was recognized to be detox vitamin: it transforms all toxins and chemical waste into water-soluble substance and removes them easily from your body with excess fluid. Garlic. It could be safely added to most dishes. In addition to its essential quality of helping your heart working, it also activates the formulation of the liver enzymes, helping your body to filter chemical waste and other harm substances. Green tea. You should better prefer green tea to black tea and coffee. It is saturated with antioxidants, and it is almost the best means to get rid your body of excess fluid. It contains catechines which activate your liver. Broccoli sprouts. Of course, you can also eat broccoli inflorescences, but broccoli sprouts has high content of nutrients concentration in them (which struggle with heart disease, cancer, and stimulate the expression of enzymes). Sesame seeds. A lot of dishes in Asian cuisine contain them, for example, the dish called Sesame; but you can simply add the seeds to salads. They protect your liver cells from the harmful effects of alcohol and chemicals (such as antibiotics). Cabbage. It promotes detox better than all of mentioned products. First, it contains a large quantity of sulfur, chlorine and iodine in its compound, and they clean stomach and intestines mucous membranes. Secondly, the cabbage is rich in organic acids that improve digestion, helps to maintain protein metabolism and calcium absorption; prevents sugar and other carbohydrates changing into fats.
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