Lose Weight with Celery. Celery Fasting Days.

Dishes of celery can be used on fasting days. Here are some of these recipes. Celery fasting day During the day you need to eat 1,5-1,8 kg of vegetables (excluding potatoes and legumes). Among them there should be no less than 300 grams of celery. Vegetables can be cooked to your taste as vinaigrette or a salad; they can be boiled or stewed. You can add a carrot-celery juice (carrot and celery 2:1) to the diet, not exceeding 500 ml. Drink it in small sips.

Salad "Slenderness" (evening variant)

Eating this salad for dinner on a daily basis, you can lose 2 kg of extra weight in a week. You will need celery stems or root, turnips, and carrots. Grate, stir and season with vegetable oil and lemon juice. You can salt it a little.

Salad "Slenderness" (day variant)

This salad should be eaten during the day. It includes celery, cucumber, boiled carrots, and a boiled egg. Grate all vegetables and mix. You can add sour cream or natural yogurt in the salad.

Celery salad with apple

300g celery, 100g carrots, 200g apples, 100g sour cream, 50g chopped walnuts, orange to taste, sugar and salt. Boil celery, cool and finely cut. Grate carrots and apples on a medium grater, mix them with the celery. Add walnuts, sugar and salt. Stir, add sour cream, and put the slices of orange on the top for decoration.

Beet soup with celery

It perfectly cleans the intestines. Great boiled beets on a grater and finely cut 2 stalks of celery. Take beet and celery on the basis of 1:1. Fry the celery with chopped onions. You can add 1-2 potatoes and parsley. Boil the vegetables until preparedness. Serve with sour cream.
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