Fasting Days for Weight Loss

Last time the theme of fasting days makes more popular, because people realize the importance of fasting for their own health. Fasting helps to keep normal weight and the normal weight is major component of healthy lifestyle. As far as you know, there are many ways to keep the weight ideal, and one of them is fasting days. Fasting days is one of most efficient ways to keep the ideal weight. Wikipedia informs us that fasting is primarily the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. We don’t talk to religious or spiritual reasons of fasting, but desire to have ideal weight and to be healthy and beautiful motivates more and more people to know more about fasting. So fasting can become an exciting way to begin a healthy diet. Often, while fasting, feelings of euphoria and emotional balance can be enjoyed. Your excess body fat quickly drops, and you will like your mirror reflection, maybe for the first time in years. A three day fast helps rid the body of toxins, a five day fast starts the healing process, and a ten day fast should take care of most problems before they arise. It is a scientific fact that by fasting three days a month, you heal faster and can extend your life several years. You can choose your own variant of fasting days – water, juice, vegetables or any other days. But you’d better to prepare for a fast in advance. Eat only raw foods two days before a fast. Don’t fast on water alone. Don't chew gum or mints. This starts the digestive juices flowing and is harmful to the system. Don’t drink orange or tomato juice on a fast. Don’t eat junk, especially during a fast. The last thing you eat will be the next thing you crave! If you eat junk, you'll want more junk. If you eat veggies, you’ll want something healthy. There are various variants of fasting days for any taste, but the main of them are light and strict: Light fasting days: Milk and tea days – green or black tea plus 500 ml. of milk. Sugar is forbidden. Sometimes you can use sweeteners. Tea and lemon days – drink tea with lemon, sweetening it with honey. Lemonade day – drink home lemonade: mineral water, lemon juice or honey. Strict days: Days of sour milk – one liter of non-fat milk. Curd days – 2 lb of non-fat curd. Apple days – 3 lb of apples. Soup days – 2 liters of cabbage soup by any recipe.
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