Lemon Detox Diet

The so called "detox diets" are becoming more and more popular. The meaning of such a diet is not simply to lose weight but also to detoxify the body, to move toxic wastes out of the body. The main component of such kind of a diet is lemon. Lemon gives us much energy, detoxifies the body, stimulates the burning of fats and brightens our complexion. This citrus is a store-room of vitamins and other nutritious substances. Lemon detox

The Lemonade Receipt

The first step of lemon cleansing is eliminating toxins from the body. Also stabilization of digestion comes, better absorption of nutritious substances, and in general, you feel better. Cleansing is not just fasting or immediate changing of your eating habits. Underfeeding brings your body into the state of stress. As a result of it, the opposite thing happens: instead of detoxifying, our body starts storing larger amounts of different substances, along with toxins. For effective cleansing it is better to eat food rich in fiber and drink lots of water in order to wash out toxins. Remember, you should not drink only water, but you should drink water with lemon juice. The receipt of the lemonade is as follows: take one glass of water, add two spoonfuls of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Water for the lemonade must be warm or at least of room temperature. For better taste, you can add some vanilla or cinnamon. You should drink one glass of the mixture immediately after awakening, and also before each meal including lunch at 10:00 and dinner at 16:00

Well-balanced nutrition

To speed up the process of cleansing of your body and stimulate the loss of unnecessary kilos, it will be useful to stick to rational, well-balanced nourishment. Give preferences to light and wholesome food, different salads, dairy products, fruits, first courses, whole-grain bread, boiled meat or baked fish. An hour before going to bed, drink the last glass of water with lemon juice. As a result, you will be surprised to find yourself feeling much better and energetic, even by the end of a hard day. Except stimulating digestion, lemon and water, reduce appetite because of the water you drink before each meal. This water prevents you from the attacks of furious hunger, and your portions will become twice smaller soon. The coordinated work of all parts of the alimentary canal prevents many diseases, maintains the immune system of your body at the proper level, and prolongs youth. Absence of obesity and extra weight lowers heart, vessels, spine loading, gives you lightness and good mood.
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