Grape Detox Diet

The dignity of simple detox scheme is simple: have the bunch of ripe grapes for breakfast, lunch and dinner; it is easy for your organism. It relieves your digestive system, cleanses your body from toxins, gets rid of stress consequences, and reduces your cholesterol level. There are multitude indications for grapes diet. Grapes detox Ampelotherapy (it is the scientific name of it) was widely used by ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs. This method of body cleansing has won great success because of its restoring, tonic and sedative effect. The basic principle is simple: you should eat only grapes for the whole day (it is called fasting day), or eat grapes during one week. Get ready for the right wave on the first day. Slowly, with great pleasure eat a small bunch of grapes, together with skin and seeds. It is a depository of nutrients. Then move on to your usual business having snacks with grapes when you want. We recommend a small amount of grapes every two or three hours, that means six or seven meals a day. Thus, eating about two kilograms of grapes a day, you will allow your body to cope with usual daily workload. There are some most popular recipes for those who are not prone to severe restrictions, but would like to use the benefits of grapes in combination with other seasonal fruits.

Digestive cocktail (improving digestion)

Use a bunch of white grapes, separate the berries and whip them in blender together with seeds, adding a piece of pineapple, green apple and kiwi. You can drink this smoothie cocktail before or during a meal, it stimulates the gastrointestinal tract activity and improves your digestion.

Detox cocktail (to remove waste products)

Whip in blender berries of one white grapes bunch with one whole orange (without skin), watermelon flesh and a mint wisp. This is an excellent mean to start fasting day or to help your body to remove toxins the day after the heavy holiday meal. Such mixture corresponds to approximately 30% of daily body requirement in fats and contains a unique combination of substances which reduce blood cholesterol, prevents inflammatory processes and promotes toxins removal.
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