Autumn Diets for Weight Loss. Juice Diet.

Freshly prepared juices from seasonable vegetables and fruits are the best source of mineral matters and vitamins. Also it’s the best way to cleanse your body. And finally it’s tasty! For the juice diet, you'll replace your food consumption for two days with fruit and vegetable juice. For example, you need to drink 600 ml. of fresh juice diluted with 200 ml. of water in four draughts a day. You should sip slowly. Drink various juices, mix fruit and vegetables juices, as you wish. Especially effective products for weight loss are carrot, spinach, oranges, grapefruits, cabbage, celery, apples. Also you can add some hips decoction. You can keep juice diet once per 2-3 weeks. You’d better to do it in the weekend, when you will be able to make juice as soon as being hungry. When you don’t keep the diet, you should remember about fine qualities of juices. Drink a glass of any juice in 20 minutes before meal and sometimes replace supper by juice. Juice diet
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