Autumn Diets for Weight Loss. Diet “Traffic Lights”.

The idea of this diet is to eat only products of definite color 3 days a week. Traffic lights days can follow on end, but also can alternate with ordinary days. For example: Monday, Wednesday and Friday are Traffic lights days, Tuesday and Thursday are ordinary days. It’s better to keep this diet for a month or more. Produce of Traffic lights days can be prepared by any way: bake, boil in the water or steam, roast on the vegetable oil or make the salad. In the other days you should eat as usual, keeping off the fried potatoes, bread, fast-food, chocolate, patties, sausages, mayonnaise and macaroni. Menu: The Red Day – eat only red produce. It can be tomatoes, red sweet pepper, red beet, red kidney bean, red apples, red cabbage, cranberries, strawberries and even red wine. The Yellow Day – eat only produce of yellow color. They are yellow sweet pepper, any citrus fruits, carrot, yellow lentil, corn, turnip, pumpkin, yellow apples and pears, bananas. The Green Day – the time of green food: cucumbers, green sweet pepper, lettuce, broccoli, white cabbage, Brussels sprouts, celery, leek, green peas, green apples, fresh green.
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