Autumn Diets for Weight Loss. Berry diet.

In autumn, when we have the great variety of fresh berries, we need to add berries to our diet. We will lose weight thanking the gift of nature easily and effectively. And at the same time we have the opportunity to take a course of natural vitamins and useful matters. Recommended products for berry diet are berries, non-fat curds, non-fat meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, green, vegetable soups, green and herbal teas. You should eat minimum 500 gram of fresh berries every day without fail. Keep the diet for the whole month until you can have fresh berries. Breakfast – berries, muesli, green tea; Second breakfast – fresh prepared berry juice; Dinner – vegetable soup, non-fat meat with vegetables, fish; Lunch – fresh berries; Supper – vegetable salad and vegetables. Berry diet
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