Autumn Diet

Autumn is the time, when you need more positive impressions. But often you see drizzling rain, fall of the leaves and gray sky around you. What can cheer your mood up? Of course, sight of outgoing weight. You should choose the special diet with many vitamins and microelements right now. Keep vitamin diet for a week and you’ll see the result. Menu. Breakfast. The plate of non-fat curd, vegetable salad from cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet pepper with vegetable oil, 1-2 pieces of black bread and green tea. Second breakfast. 2 apples or oranges, 200g steamed cauliflower. Dinner. The plate of beet soup, boiled on vegetable bouillon, 200g boiled beef (turkey or chicken). For garnish – 5 tablespoons green peas and vegetable salad. Lunch. A banana or non-fat yoghurt. Supper. The plate of non-fat curd, 200g stewed vegetables (squashes, aubergines, cabbage), 2 pieces of black bread. Before sleep. A glass of non-fat kefir.
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