Are you looking to lose excess weight after your pregnancy? You can achieve your healthy weight goals with the help of a dietary coach. Because you know the saying: "alone, we go faster. Together, we go further". The important thing is to have long-term results.

Slimming down after pregnancy: why is it a challenge?

Normal weight gain occurs during pregnancy. At an average of about 10 kilos, it is healthy and even enjoyable because it is synonymous with health for the baby. But once the birth is over, it is not uncommon for the mother to want to regain the figure she was familiar with. However, the body needs a period of time, more or less long, to recover, during which it breathes a little. Synchronizing with her body, and managing the arrival of the baby who needs a lot of love and attention, can be a real challenge. Although a mom has the amazing superpower of being able to wear several hats, the help of a dietary coach can be helpful. The KitchenDiet nutrition programme offers a tailored follow-up for young mothers who are wondering how to lose weight. The right support will ensure that you reach your goals.

How to lose weight with a coach after pregnancy?

A diet coach is an expert who knows the little secrets to losing weight effectively and without yo-yoing. If he specializes in accompanying young mothers, he also knows the specifics of these women's diets. He knows in particular that they do not necessarily have much time to prepare elaborate meals, that they need a good source of energy and that they must also breastfeed. Most importantly, he knows that each woman is unique. That's why a dietary coach will normally carry out a personalised assessment before proposing a nutritional programme. This is designed according to the nutritional needs of the young mother so that she can achieve her healthy slimming goals. The coach generally advises to practice a physical activity in parallel. But before doing so, you must let your perineum regain its muscles and heal if necessary.

Getting back in shape after childbirth: what reflexes to adopt?

With or without the help of a coach, there are some good reflexes to adopt to lose weight quickly but healthily after pregnancy. First of all, the best thing is to avoid depriving yourself. Eat whatever you feel like eating, unless your doctor has advised you against a particular food or practice. Deprivation is only a source of frustration, which means that sooner or later you may break down because, consciously or unconsciously, you're at the end of your rope. Choose menus that are balanced and rich in vitamins and calcium, especially if you're breastfeeding. Finally, don't try to force your way to lose weight as quickly as possible. If your mind wants to get back in shape no matter what, your body appreciates it above all that you listen to it and go at a reasonable pace.
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