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Fruits for Weight Loss. Part 2.

Experts assert that all citruses including lemon, lime, orange, tangerine, and of course, grapefruit is the best choice as fruits for weight loss. Citrus fruits are not only sources of vitamins, they contain flavonoids – a group of substances that…

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Fruits for Weight Loss. Part 1.

How any fruits can contribute to weight loss? ┬áDo you know that the main cause of obesity is metabolic disorders in the body? Fruits stimulate to remove waste products and excess fluid. In addition, they are very beneficial for health…

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The Morning Drink of Cheerfulness

In the morning we usually drink tea or coffee to awake, to cheer up and to “turn on” digestion. Here you can find the recipe of a drink based on tea. This drink will add you the cheerfulness and also…

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Weight Loss Challenge

If you really want to lose some weight make a decision to get serious about weight loss. Weight loss is a real challenge and you need to take a look around and learn something new to succeed. Drinking water is…

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Lose Weight with Celery / Celery Cleansing Diet

Celery cleansing diet will help you to lose not only extra pounds, but also to cleanse your body of toxins. This diet is kept for seven days. On the eve of the first day you should eat only raw food…

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