The Morning Drink of Cheerfulness

In the morning we usually drink tea or coffee to awake, to cheer up and to “turn on” digestion. Here you can find the recipe of a drink based on tea. This drink will add you the cheerfulness and also…

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Lemon Detox Diet

The so called “detox diets” are becoming more and more popular. The meaning of such a diet is not simply to lose weight but also to detoxify the body, to move toxic wastes out of the body. The main component…

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Grape Detox Diet

The dignity of simple detox scheme is simple: have the bunch of ripe grapes for breakfast, lunch and dinner; it is easy for your organism. It relieves your digestive system, cleanses your body from toxins, gets rid of stress consequences,…

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Lemon Detox Tips

Lemon gives us a lot of energy, gets toxins out of system, stimulates burning of fats, and significantly improves complexion of the face. This citrus is a real well of vitamins and other useful substances. The first stage of lemon…

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Tea Cleansing Diet Options

Cleansing a body or individual organs of toxins is becoming a good habit for many connoisseurs of a healthy lifestyle. According to them, the simple and very affordable prescription suggested to everyone will help cleanse the body almost at a…

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