Probiotics are naturally present in the body, they strengthen the immune system and balance the microbiota or intestinal flora. Weight may also depend on this balance between the good and bad bacteria making up the flora. In fact, studies have shown that the intestinal flora of a slim person is not the same as that of an obese person. This article explains how to lose weight with probiotics.

What exactly are probiotics

These are bacteria associated with the intestine. They are not among those bacteria that are harmful to health. On the contrary, they are good bacteria. In fact, probiotics have beneficial effects on the immune system, the intestinal flora, and the general well-being of the body. All the bacteria make up the intestinal flora. The microorganisms that occupy the microbiota affect a person's general behaviour, such as mood, for example. They facilitate the absorption of nutrients, act on weight loss or gain and hunger, regulate blood sugar levels and produce certain B vitamins and vitamin K. But the intestinal flora can become unbalanced. This may be due to a diet that is too rich in sugars and proteins, additives and sweeteners, a diet that is also low in fibre. Stress, cortisone or hormones and especially antibiotics can also cause an imbalance in the intestinal flora. In fact, antibiotics are generally used to eliminate all bacteria in the body, not just bad bacteria. When the microbiota is disturbed, probiotics intervene in order to restore the proper intestinal balance. A human being has more than one hundred billion bacteria or microorganisms in the intestine.

Do probiotics help with weight loss?

Indeed, probiotics can amplify weight loss. It is the intestinal flora that conditions your health. You must therefore take good care of your microbiota. This is essential for the proper assimilation of food. Probiotics have several benefits on general health and transit. They are a valuable aid to weight loss thanks to their beneficial action on stress, intestinal pain, reduction of bloating, feelings of fullness and hunger. Probiotics can only make a difference if they are accompanied by physical activity and a change in diet. But you should also know that in fermented products such as yoghurt, pickles, sauerkraut, olives in jars, cider vinegar or others, there are probiotics that naturally nourish the microbiota. There are also probiotics in food supplements. You have to be careful because not all probiotics are good to take. Generally because each probiotic brings a strain of microorganisms to the body and each strain of microorganisms is different and has its own role. Several studies have shown that the two elements that promote weight gain decrease when taking probiotics. In fact, when a person takes probiotics, the appetite hormone or leptin decreases in the body, allowing them to eat less and lose weight. In addition, a lack of intestinal bacteria causes a higher risk of obesity. So probiotics provide the necessary bacteria to arrange the intestinal flora and thus avoid gaining weight.

How to take them?

It is strongly advised to take them in the morning, on an empty stomach. This is when the stomach promotes the arrival of live bacteria in the intestine and maximizes the elimination of excess weight. If you want to take probiotics, read the instructions carefully. Some probiotics can be stored in the refrigerator, but others cannot. To be successful in losing weight and never regain it, it is important to renew the cures regularly in order to provide the microbiota with good bacteria. For example, do a one or two month cure during the change of seasons, then increase to one week per month. In any case, it is recommended to seek the advice of a doctor before starting to take probiotics. Probiotics can reduce the amount of calories in your meals. They can also reduce the low level of inflammation in your cells. This inflammation can lead to obesity. The combination of a healthy diet and probiotics leads to significant weight loss. If in addition, you add other ingredients such as frequent training sessions, it will certainly control and intensify the process of losing weight in a very short time, and your fat belly will decrease considerably. The most effective way is to take probiotics in capsules like the slim probiotic. You can find them in parapharmacies or pharmacies.

How to keep the microbiota healthy

Taking care of the microbiota is the key to maintaining a normal weight and staying healthy. In everyday life, the balance can be easily disturbed by infections, medication, carbohydrate-rich and adapted foods, sugar and stress. You should also be careful with infants and mothers who have a bad intestinal flora. In order to keep the microbiota healthy and to be able to slim down, you must therefore avoid food toxins present in the meal. It is also necessary to eat a lot of barley and oats and also vegetables and fruits. Also try to eat good quality probiotic supplements or food, but you should consult a doctor first. Take steps to reduce or manage stress levels.

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