Does Fast Food Mean Fat Food?

Women say that it is difficult to lose weight, because they do not have time to prepare healthy meals. They work long hours, care for their family and are simply too tired at the end of the day to prepare meals with good nutrition and suitable caloric value. So, eating out becomes a way of life for many families. In addition, the fast-food industry spreads a myth that you need lots of time to cook healthy meals. Most people know that fast food is not good for them, but many do not realize how dangerous it really is. Fast foods are generally high in salt, fat, and refined carbohydrates, and low in vitamins and minerals. High intake of fast food is linked to high body weight. People who ate fast food more than two times per week gained an average about 10 pounds more than those who ate fast food less than once per week. Generally along with smoking, substance abuse and inactivity, fast food presents one of the greatest public-interest health threats to Americans today. When a person is told that fast food is not good for him from a nutritional point of view, he is hardly surprised. The relationship between fast food and the almost epidemic obesity of the American population is a fairly well known fact. Still, the factors that make fast food so popular still seem to be powerful enough to make the majority of the population ignore the obvious risks of poor nutrition and weight problems. Fast food is easily available, relatively cheap, most people find it tasty and filling and it can be purchased fast. There are very few alternatives to the high fat and high calorie menus in the fast food restaurants. Although many seem to be making some attempt to offer low cal alternatives, they end up ruining these offerings with sauces and dressings loaded with fat content. Even though these alternatives are offered, it is still the hamburger and fried chicken that is the king of fast food, and little has been done to reduce the impact of these foods on obesity. There is advertising competition among the fast food restaurants to show that their fast food is least harmful to the consumer and even lists nutrition facts to prove that it is good for you. If you frequently eat out at fast food restaurants, you should consider the nutritional information they now provide to make good choice. It is possible to do that if you carefully pay attention to the details listed. If you want to lose weight or release yourself from an eating disorder, try to eat these healthy types of foods: vegetables, root vegetables, potatoes, lettuce, fruits, berries, fish, porridge and lean dairy products. Unfortunally, many people live on a diet that consists mainly of pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, sweets, soft drinks and chips. If you are doubtful whether you should regularly eat a certain type of food, check if it causes compulsive eating or makes you want to eat even when you do not need more. Avoid all food that has this kind of effect.

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