Lemon Detox Diet is Really Easy

When you awake from a sound sleep, start your day with some healthy things, as exercises and lemon juice. Cut a fresh lemon, and squeeze it in a glass of warm water and drink it. Today most doctors recommend lemon detox diet for those, who are looking for a healthy way to clean their body. Lemon detox diet is usually a combination of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Vitamins and minerals that are included as a compound of these products make the digestive system to perform the function in a better way. Cayenne pepper helps to loose and break up mucus in the body. It acts as a cleanser for the digestive, respiratory and circulatory system. But if you don’t want or don’t like maple syrup and cayenne pepper, it is possible to go without them. Lemon juice is principal and etceteras are not so important. Usually by 20 – 25 years we have our body accumulated toxins over years. It undermines the work of digestive system. The system fails to take nutritious and we start to gain in weight. The results are: exhaustion, obesity, troubled skin, performance impairment and illness like colon cancer. Lemon juice contains: 1. Vitamin C, it helps to grow immunoresistance, rejuvenesce skin and helps to generate collagen in body tissue. 2. Potassium, it helps to reduce blood pressure. 3. Citric acid, it and reduces the risk of heart disease. 4. Usually helps to decrease the oral and stomach cancer. 5. Acidic nature of this citrus fruit act as a catalyst to rise up your metabolism. It is asserted that water-dissolved lemon juice plays a key role in removing the toxins from your body. With the help of lemon juice you can achieve wonderful changes in your body and get rid of skin problem, acne, bloating and constipation. Lots of women put value upon its quantity to make the skin glow. Drink lemon tea in the morning, at work place, evening, night and as many times as possible. But, please be sensible of the fact that citrus juices may cause as hypersensitivity reaction so allergydelayed allergy, within some days. Take care, start with low doses once a day and expand juice concentration every three days. You should drink nothing but water-dissolved lemon juice. It is enough to us twice a day. Drink more just at pleasure. If the lemon juice does not help you to loose weight, do not stop drinking it. One way or another lemon juice is a powerful health drink, so take it as your first drink in the morning; it will definitely help you to awake.
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