Three Secrets of Flat Belly during Holidays

We are waiting for Christmas and New Year vacations soon. And these days will be filled with pleasant meetings, visits to relatives, holiday parties and of course, rich dinners. Don’t forget about your body during holidays. Do you want to save a flat belly? Here you can find three secrets to it. At a heat you can eat one portion of protein food, for example, low-fat meat or fish. Its size should be like your palm, not more. And a portion of garnish with some salad has to go into the usual glass of 200 ml. During the long dinner don’t take away the bones from eaten meat, chicken or fish or nutshell. Yes, the plate looks like untidily, but the view of heap of bones will bring you to the thought that it’s time to stop eating! Doing exercises during your routine workout, use the special weighting things – small packet with sand dressed on legs and hands. Additional effort increases the useful load and helps to burn more calories and to save belly flat.
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