Tea Will Help To Lose Weight. Part I.

It’s an established fact that ordinary tea can help to lose weight. Really you can drink tea for pleasure and unique taste, but also for weight loss. There are many sorts of this ancient drink. Let’s look what qualities some kinds of tea have. Green Tea. Green tea makes fat exchange better. Actually green tea helps to split food fats. This aromatic non-fermented drink is the ideal end of any meal. Take 1 teaspoon tea leaves for 1 cup. Pour it with boiling water and infuse for 5 minutes. Generally green tea improves mood, tones up and can take the place of morning coffee. Black Tea with Lemon. Black tea with lemon burns fats. I’m sure you drink black tea every day. But we shouldn’t underrate the classical sort of tea. Thanking its tanning agents, black tea influences on stomach work positively, especially during holiday dinner and improves digestion. Vitamin C, contained in lemon, increases the positive effect from tea. Pour 1 teaspoon tea with hot water and keep for 3-5 minutes. Then add a lemon segment. Mint with Cardamom. Such kind of tea blunts the feeling hungry. If you worry about your waist and legs, drink boiled mint. Mint tea takes feeling hungry away and helps metabolism. Add cardamom and you will increase effect of mint. This eastern spice has makes metabolism better too. Knead 10 seeds of cardamom and boil in 1 liter of water for 3 minutes. Then add 20 gram mint leaves and keep infusing for 5 minutes.
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