Keep Slim in Winter

It becomes colder and colder outside. And it’s so easy to eat appetizing spaghetti with sauce or fat roast, sitting in the cozy and warm kitchen. But even during a cold winter we should be in good form. Nothing can excuse gluttony. It’s very important to keep nutritious diet and at the same time to avoid food typical for cold seasons. Don’t think that there are no good fruits or vegetables in winter. Winter is the best time to get maximal use from these products without fear to pick weight. It’s time to eat such vegetables as carrot, onion, pumpkin, green, beet, garlic, broccoli and so on. These vegetables will provide your organism with necessary vitamins and minerals during all winter. Let’s keep slim with my hot tips. 1. Drink more. In winter we spend a lot of time in the rooms with systems of climate-control. Dehydration can become the reason of tiredness. Feeling thirst can be confused with feeling hunger. So you can consume unnecessary calories. Always have the little bottle of water with you. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. 2. Don’t forget about workout. Regular exercises will settle you into shape and be the source of good mood. Also you can go to the swimming-pool or simply walk in the air. 3. Avoid hot drinks. There is no better than creamy coffee or hot chocolate in cold winter morning. But it is too rich in calories. The best alternative is black or green tea. Tea is rich with antioxidants and doesn’t contain calories. 4. Don’t overeat. When weather is cold and you become slower, it is very easy to pick extra pounds. To avoid overeating in the evening, begin morning with balanced breakfast, For example, porridge with pear. 5. Fight with tiredness. Be active and positive. Winter can drive you into condition of apathy. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. It will help to save slim figure and good health.
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