Sports exercises & diet recipes

Fitness coach on Android

Fitness coach on Android

Weight loss is a daily struggle. There is a downloadable application on Google Play to help obese people diet.

virtual fitness coach

Online & virtual fitness coach

The virtual coach through online training helps overweight people to refine their silhouette by following a diet adapted to their situation.

Sports coach to lose weight

Sports coach to lose weight

It is possible to lose weight quickly and sustainably without having to follow slimming diets. The secret: opt for the services of a sports coach.

detox program

Losing weight: detox program

Take advantage of the detoxification regime to purify your body. These slimming recipes improve your health while helping you to lose weight.

Dietary coaching & physical preparation

Dietary coaching is there to achieve weight loss or weight gain goals. By calling in a dietician, one benefits from dietary coaching to provide answers to nutritional problems. The nutrition coach evaluates the metabolism and provides optimized menus taking into account the sports sessions and the client’s needs.

Dietary coaching
Dietary coaching
Dietary coaching
The main advantage of diet coaching.

The main advantage of diet coaching

Professionals in dietary coaching offer concepts based on coaching and personalized follow-up in order to obtain healthy food hygiene and sustainable results through weight loss.

In order to adopt a healthy diet, certain foods are to be favoured because they are lower in fat and calories and contain more nutrients. Do you want a balanced diet? Discover a range of foods and nutrition products based on vegetable and natural proteins on several online platforms.

Home-based sports coaching

A sports coach offers his clients a personalised follow-up at home in order to benefit from a fitness programme, personalised dietary consultations and physical preparation. The coaching expert also helps his client to eat well and eat balanced. The fitness coach offers his clients gym sessions, provides nutritional and dietary advice to help the person being coached to refine their figure.

Fitness coaching

With fitness coaching, you can benefit from an expert who can help obese people regain a better figure. Some specialists propose programs without diet, without pills and without frustration thanks to food intake adapted to the clients.

Sports dietetics

A sports dietetic is a person capable of proposing food intakes adapted to requirements. Several approaches are taken into account in nutritional monitoring, the identification of deficiencies to dietary imbalance or the readjustment of ratios.

Role of a nutritionist

Role of a nutritionist

The role of the nutritionist is to follow his patients in order to manage nutrition-related diseases. This may include monitoring diabetes, obesity or anorexia. Nutritionists and dieticians are professions related to nutrition.