Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Build Your Body with Callanetics Exercises

If you want to change your body cardinally – to lose weight, tighten your muscles, and correct the problem areas - it's the time to do callanetics exercises.

The author of this technique Callan Pinckney confirms that doing callanetics allows to achieve significant results in a short time. The peculiarity of the system is a huge static load on the muscles of the body. Each exercise is designed in such a way that all the muscles of the body work simultaneously.

Callanetics is a set of exercises for all body parts: arms, shoulders, back, legs, buttocks, thighs and abdominals. Callanetics includes exercises from several types of oriental gymnastics, and special breathing exercises.

With the help of callanetics you will correct your posture, tighten the abdomen, lift the breasts, and improve the shape of the buttocks. After some classes you will see the results.

In the beginning, do exercises 3 times a week for an hour. When you get the first results, cut the classes to 2 times. After achieving stable success, an hour a week will be enough to maintain shape. The starting position is always the same - feet shoulder width apart, back straight, stomach in.

Adopting the desired position keep it for 60-100 seconds depending on your initial level of fitness. Tension should be felt in every muscle. Start each training session with a workout.

Callanetics requires that an involved person should constantly feel his body, which makes exercises even more effective! The result is not inflated muscles but a slender and toned body.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fruits for Weight Loss. Part 3.

Apples are next fruits for weight loss. Apples contain pectin, a compound that has an effect on reducing appetite that is why apples should be eaten before meal. Apples are rich in sugars and fiber which helps to reduce weight.

One more beneficial fruit is a pear because it contains organic acids that promote to regulate metabolism and digestion. Pear also contributes to cleanse the body from toxins and heavy metals. A dried fruit gives a feeling of satiety.

One should pay attention to kiwi as a fruit rich in vitamins. Kiwi also contains magnesium and potassium salts and fiber. Another beneficial kiwi property is the ability to burn fat, which block the arteries and thus, reduce the risk of blood clots.

The fruit should be added to the diet plan is avocado. It is very different from the rest fruit as it is rich in good fats which activate metabolic system to burn calories. Avocados also contribute in maintaining low hunger level and stabilizing blood glucose level.

With such a diverse of fruits available, you can choose the one you enjoy.  Eating two or three of them every day, you will be on the right track to achieving harmony in weight.