Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TheBodyHoliday Review

I had been going through a tough time in my life for a while due to circumstances around me. My weight was on the way up, I had given up on exercise and I was having a lot of trouble sleeping. My husband surprised me with a trip to the Saint Lucia Spa Resort for my birthday as a way of revitalizing me and getting me back to the healthy person I once was.

Words cannot explain how much I needed my break and how much I appreciated it. The attitude at TheBodyHoliday is exactly what the name suggests. As soon as I got there, I threw myself into the exercise programs. Everyone has such a warm and positive attitude, I feel like I stopped my unhealthy behaviors dead in their tracks. I did not partake in many spa treatments.

However, the massage I had was very good. St. Lucia is a beautiful island, and this is the perfect way to experience it. Instead of just laying around on the beach, I was able to exercise and cleanse myself from the inside and out. Plus, I was able to fit in some time laying around on the beach!

I enjoyed my time there, and I plan to make it an annual trip. My mother and sister are going with me next year, and I cannot wait for them to have the same healthy reboot that I experienced. My life is on a healthier track, and I am grateful to TheBodyHoliday for the new me.