Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Morning Drink of Cheerfulness

In the morning we usually drink tea or coffee to awake, to cheer up and to "turn on" digestion. Here you can find the recipe of a drink based on tea. 

This drink will add you the cheerfulness and also will help to lose weight. The main thing not to forget to drink it every morning.

To prepare 1 portion you should take 1 glass of water, 1 tablespoon of dry black tea, 1/2 teaspoon of ground turmeric, 2 small thin slices of fresh ginger, a pinch of ground cinnamon and cardamom, 1 glass of kefir and 1/2 teaspoon of honey.

Add tea, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and honey in the boiling water. Mix everything and keep to cool. Filter the mixture and add kefir in the chilled drink. Mix again and drink.

Do not add kefir in the hot mixture. The first reason is that kefir will turn and change into curds. And the second one is that it will kill all useful qualities of such drink. Make it right and enjoy yourself!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

All Pro Science

Last year, I decided that I need to try to get back in shape. After having two babies in two years, I was lacking in energy. I also needed to lose weight and improve my endurance.

The first changes I made were eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Since I was staying home with two young boys, it was sometimes difficult to eat healthy, balanced meals. I found that I was especially lacking in protein, and this affected my energy levels.

A friend told me about the All Pro Science supplements, and this sounded like a product that could really help me. I don't want to put something in my body without knowing what it is, so I researched the product before trying it. I found out that All Pro Science was developed by NFL superstar Tony Gonzalez.

What I liked most about All Pro Science is that the supplement is based on scientific principles and tested in an FDA approved laboratory. All Pro Science uses a variety of proteins, including grass fed whey, to give positive results.

I noticed a real difference in both my energy and my digestion once I started using All Pro Science on a regular basis. My body just works more smoothly when I am getting enough protein. If I go a few days without taking the supplement, I feel more lethargic. I recommend All Pro Science to any of my friends who want a safe, tested supplement to improve their stamina and energy levels.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge

If you really want to lose some weight make a decision to get serious about weight loss. Weight loss is a real challenge and you need to take a look around and learn something new to succeed.

Drinking water is a critical task to maintain a healthy weight. Water plays an primary role in helping your body digest food, maintain natural circulation and keep the right balance of fluids. If you are really like the idea to lose weight, then soft drinks, fruit juices, and other beverages are not good choices for replacing lost fluids because of their calorie content. Try to add a slice of lemon or lime to a glass of water if you don't like the taste of plain water.

It's really important to eat in the morning. Those who eat breakfast on a regular basis have better chances to lose their weight. One more great advice is to eat right before you grocery store. If you do your shopping on an empty belly, you'll be like a kid in a candy store - every food will look good to you. Instead try to make a list and stick to it.

Try to control the fats. All of us need few fats in the diet, but not too much. And, some fats, like the ones naturally exist in tree nuts, fish, avocados and olives - are healthier than others. Remember to fuel up your body before your workout to keep you going strong. Also your body might be low on fuel after a good exercise, so try to eat some healthy food within 40 minutes after you finish. Your muscles will be happy with fruits, vegetables and whole grains, these will help refill their stock of carbohydrates and a shot of protein to assist them recover.

Another great advice that will help you in weight loss challenge is to eat right when you eat out. Dining out is just one more reason to overeat. If you're trying to weight loss cut your calories, split a starter with a friend and order an extra salad. One more important thing to consider - many of us eat moderately during the day, only to eat huge amounts of nutrients between dinner and bedtime. Your body don't get the supply for your daily activities when you do most of your eating at night. Try to brush your teeth right after dinner, it is the best way to point out that you're done eating for the day.

Get support in you weight loss challenge. Find someone who will be involved in weight loss challenge with you or support you along the way. Dieters who had support from a partner at home lost more weight than those who didn't. Also, please, remember that keeping weight off after you've lost is the other half of the challenge.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Women's Workouts

The fear of getting "bulky" detracts women from intense weight-lifting workouts, but the majority of American women just wants to lose weight and get fitter, so even the very "masculine" types of workouts are of course apply not only to men, but to women as well. There are definitely some key physiological differences between men and women, but they hardly present limitations, so as long as the program design is smart and well executed, both men and women can benefit from tough workouts.

Women's workout & wellness tend to put the accent on yoga, ballet and dance, and other light-weight stretching and cardio - all of which are great workouts, but involve far less intense resistance training than some of the more "men's" workouts. So should women be afraid to test workouts beyond yoga and Pilates? The right decision is to choose workouts based on goals, not gender.

Women should always be mindful of the risk for injury with any intense, high-impact workout; to be more precise anyone should be aware of potential risks associated with intense workouts. Also a base foundation of fitness before starting an intense workout program is required. Anyway remember that even if some workout sounds very intense it's always possible to modify the exercises for all levels and abilities. Try to perform as much as you can handle, and you will definitely lose weight and reach your fitness goals.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finding a Good Dietitian

If you want to find a health care professional to lose weight or to adjust your diet because of concerns about diabetes or another condition, then you should be seen by a dietitian.

A dietitian is not the same as a nutritionist. A dietitian is an expert in nutrition and healthy meal planning. In the United States, a person can only call himself a registered dietitian if he has met particular educational and professional standards. The American Dietetics Association regulates the accreditation of dietitians through the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Though there are without doubt many eligible nutritionists, "nutritionist" is not a protected title. In the United States, the American Dietetic Association (ADA) ensures that the title "registered dietitian" is given only to those who hold the requisite academic and clinical experience. Continuing education is required for maintaining the title as well.

A registered dietitian must have either received a Bachelor's degree in dietetics, or an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree and a higher-level dietetics degree or diploma. After completing a set amount of work in the field, they must pass a test to earn the title "registered dietitian." Most practicing dietitians are clinical dietitians in hospitals, while consultant dietitians operate in private businesses. Both of these types of dietitians offering personal dietetic care.

Dietitian should be covered by insurance. Check your plan's details to see if visits are covered. Under some plans, a visit may only be covered if your doctor writes a referral or only in cases of certain diagnoses such as diabetes or celiac disease, which are normally treated with dietary changes.

A dietitian can help you find out the best food plan taking into account your age, medical conditions, weight, metabolism and other factors. A dietitian can supply ideas for coping with conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Also you can get advice about gaining or losing weight, eating well during a pregnancy, or eating foods that will increase performance in athletes.

Friday, April 6, 2012

How To Lose Weight With Lemon

If you are actually worry to lose weight you need to get aware about lemon benefits. The lemon cleansing diet is one of best the ways to lose weight. The lemon juice and cayenne pepper are the ingredients which are proven to remove toxins, while the maple syrup provides energy and minerals. You will not only lose weight, but improve your immunity and digestion and general health condition.

According to the new researches some the reasons that people get obesity are improper metabolism and disturbance of digestive system. The body can't absorb the necessary nutrients for proper fat burning and as a result it accumulates toxins and metabolism slows down. Nowadays plenty diet programs use lemon to remove toxins and other internal waste to cleanse the body.

Lemon contains vitamin C that assists to improve metabolism and lose weight as a result. The lemon stimulates digestion and the secretion of gastric juices. Due to its high acidic content lemon assists digesting process and regulates the absorption of sugars from the food. The citric acid interacts with the inner acids and enzymes in the body to improve the digestive tract work.

It also has been proven that lemon helps the body to absorb calcium from the food, and then calcium is stored up in the fat cells and stimulates to burn fat. So, this is one more advantage of lemon for weight loss.

All you need to lose weight is to include just a few spoons of lemon juice in your menu. It is highly healthful to start morning with a cup of warm water with lemon juice. When you drink warm water with lemon in the morning, you give a start of proper work of your digestive tract.

You can also lose weight while using some lemon peels. The pectin contained in lemon peels speeds up weight loss. What's more, pectin is a fine source of fiber which forms a gel in the stomach to reduce the sugar absorption from food. Pectin helps slow down the craving of hunger as well.

Some people use lemon juice with apple vinegar, while the other ones prefer to drink warm water with lemon juice and honey. Honey is an excellent natural product to lose weight and low down a cholesterol level. You can drink a glass with warm water (not boiling water!) with one teaspoon of raw honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice. To speed up weight loss it is also recommended to mix lemon or a lemon slice with tea and apple cider vinegar.

Be sure to drink a lot of water with lemon for weight loss. Drinking a lot of water promotes body to lose weight fast. Take warm water with lemon juice as a wake-up drink on an empty stomach. And of course, don't forget that healthy eating habits and regular exercises are extremely important as well.