Sunday, April 26, 2009

Loose Weight While Crunching. Part 2.

Loose Weight While Crunching3. Crisps
Manufacturers often call them crisps, not small loaves. If to look at their manufacturing technology, they really ARE the crisps. These thin slices are being baked for a couple seconds only at the spare 130°С, while the regular bread is done after 250°С treatment. One more negative point (the only minus, I would say) from the dietologists’ point of view is the fact of a little bit of sugar and yeast contained. The crisps and regular bread have the same amount of calories (about 300 kcal/100gr) and fat (2-3gr/100gr).

One can eat up the package of small loaves (100gr) at one sitting probably for a dare only, well, and if the mean is fresh baguette, then it’ll make no problem to consume 2 (50gr each) slices of it. I’ll tell you more, it is doubtful whether you’ll limit yourself to 2 of those only. To process crisps your body spends much of energy which means less calories left afterwards.

The small loaves are considered to be diabetic as they contain substances difficult-to-obtain from average food: cellulose (up to 15% contained), vegetable proteins and minerals. Small loaves contain healthy food additives, e.g.: bran, which is the natural absorbent, it easily absorbs and egests any kind of toxins out of your body.
One of the main matters dietologists are still trying to work out is to make a person fell full with no surfeiting. Dry crisps do solve this matter easily: you eat plenty of those getting a bit of calories. That’s why doctors show their gracious toward bread loaves-extruders baked of the "blown-up grain".

"Thin bread-loaves" are being fought by extruders (dietologists thing so) mainly because of les volume, but if the person doesn’t suffer any digestion disorders he can permit himself the ones also. Be sure, any crisps (dry small bread loaves) should be more preferable than regular bread and fresh baguettes. Well, but if you really wish to eat up a sandwich with a slice of sausage then it’d be better to put sausage on the bread crisps rather than on regular one. Still do not forget the whole thing approved by doctors: bread gives your body clear carbohydrates. Thus remember this and do not overeat bread crisps.