Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grape Detox Diet

Grape Detox DietThe dignity of simple detox scheme is simple: have the bunch of ripe grapes for breakfast, lunch and dinner; it is easy for your organism. It relieves your digestive system, cleanses your body from toxins, gets rid of stress consequences, and reduces your cholesterol level. There are multitude indications for grapes diet.

Ampelotherapy (it is the scientific name of it) was widely used by ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs. This method of body cleansing has won great success because of its restoring, tonic and sedative effect. The basic principle is simple: you should eat only grapes for the whole day (it is called fasting day), or eat grapes during one week.

Get ready for the right wave on the first day. Slowly, with great pleasure eat a small bunch of grapes, together with skin and seeds. It is a depository of nutrients. Then move on to your usual business having snacks with grapes when you want. We recommend a small amount of grapes every two or three hours, that means six or seven meals a day. Thus, eating about two kilograms of grapes a day, you will allow your body to cope with usual daily workload.

There are some most popular recipes for those who are not prone to severe restrictions, but would like to use the benefits of grapes in combination with other seasonal fruits.

Digestive cocktail (improving digestion)
Use a bunch of white grapes, separate the berries and whip them in blender together with seeds, adding a piece of pineapple, green apple and kiwi. You can drink this smoothie cocktail before or during a meal, it stimulates the gastrointestinal tract activity and improves your digestion.

Detox cocktail (to remove waste products)
Whip in blender berries of one white grapes bunch with one whole orange (without skin), watermelon flesh and a mint wisp. This is an excellent mean to start fasting day or to help your body to remove toxins the day after the heavy holiday meal. Such mixture corresponds to approximately 30% of daily body requirement in fats and contains a unique combination of substances which reduce blood cholesterol, prevents inflammatory processes and promotes toxins removal.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Choose Your Own Diet Accordingly To Your Temperament

Choose Your Own Diet1. Sanguine person
They are rather quiet people, so they can easily cope with all kinds of shocks. Sanguine persons are gourmets in eating, they prefer unusual dishes. Very often sanguine person consumes excess calories due to different kinds of sauces, second helpings and dressings.
They should keep vigilant watch on exotic food cooked with their own hand and try not to abuse high-calorie components of dishes being prepared. They should choose such diets, where foods are vegetable-based or corn-based, and require several hours of cooking.

2. Phlegmatic person
Phlegmatic person are slow, they do not enjoy noise or bustle. Phlegmatic person rather prefer to eat just a piece of bread than busy himself with cooking. There is a trap for phlegmatic person: he always has bites or snacks. He has a sandwich, then a bag of chips in an hour, then chocolate bar in half an hour, then one more sandwich; so he eats twenty times a day. It is not surprising that he suffers from an excess weight.
Phlegmatic person should make efforts to force himself eating almost by hours, two or three times a day, but have a meal of full value. One meal must be hot, by all means. Also phlegmatic person should not forget about first courses. Diet consisting of soups and cereals is best for this type of people.

3. Melancholic person
It would be cruel to exacerbate the natural pessimism of melancholic person with severe long-term diets. Therefore, melancholic person should choose the best diet, which is short-term or even have fasting days; but in daily life they should add more fruits, honey and sweets to their diet.
Melancholic person would be pleased with a small piece of chocolate or two or three cookies, and at the same time he would have energy and desire to lead an active lifestyle, sports, which also helps to work off his excess weight.

4. Choleric person
Choleric persons are impetuous, they are inclined to be emotional instable. They have not enough patience, so they often fall into fast-foods or convenience foods trap, because such products do not require long-time cooking, you can simply buy them and heat them up.
To save slenderness, choleric person should keep on hand some fruits and vegetables instead of crisps and sweets; in addition it is worth spending at least one day a week to cook a few hot dishes. You could warm them up a few days later. Otherwise they should order lunches, however, consisting of healthy food and cooked with a small amount of fats. Diet for choleric person can be different, but not too severe, and not kind of diet which requires meticulous calories counting.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chocolate Diet

Chocolate DietChocolate diet was introduced by Italian dietitians. The duration of chocolate diet is from 5 to 7 days; after that you should make a break for 4 days, but 6-days break is preferable. You are allowed to drink only in 3 hours after eating.

The menu of chocolate diet
Chocolate diet allows the mixing of these products, as well having snacks between the main meals. The products can be eaten in any form. For example, eat whole fruit for breakfast on Monday, make a fruit salad on Tuesday morning, and mark the start of Wednesday with applesauce. The remarkable feature of chocolate diet is that starvation becomes anti-productive. That means you need not starve yourself, it is even prohibited. Hence it appears the formal permission to have snacks between the main meals. Chocolate can help you to stay alert and energized. To say the true, you cannot exceed the specified standard which is 30 g per day. There is no strict time frame for the chocolate diet; you can reduce on it for about a week, on the average.

Approximate daily list of products for chocolate diet:
• Pasta (spaghetti, noodles, shells and other solid pasta);
• Sauces for pasta (with a low-fat, mostly without the meat, with an exceptions of small pieces of white meat);
• Salads (filled with fatless sauces, without crackers);
• Vegetables;
• Fresh fruit;
• Popcorn (cooked without oil and salt); Toppings (supplements) for popcorn may include fatless oil and vegetable supplements, powdered garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, chili peppers, hard parmesan.
• Chocolate (30 g per day);
• Water (2 liters a day).

Sample of menu for chocolate diet:
Breakfast: Fresh fruit, fruit salad, wheat flakes with skimmed milk and strawberries.
Snack between main meals: popcorn, fruit.
Lunch: salad, pasta salad, spaghetti.
Snack between main meals: popcorn, vegetable assortment, fruit cocktail (0.5 0f fresh banana, 0.5 cup of peaches or other fruits to choose from, 1 cup of skimmed milk).
Dinner: fettuccini with garlic and tomato sauce or any other whole grained pasta, salad, vegetables, cooked by steaming or boiled.
Snack between main meals: popcorn, chocolate.
During the day: water, sparkling water, mineral water.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Main Products for Detox. Part 2.

Main Products for DetoxSea vegetables and edible algae are full of vitamins and minerals. Some kinds of algae, such as comb, are considered to be especially valuable ones, due to their ability to bind and remove toxins out of your body.

Beetroot. It is considered to be one of the best cleansing products. It leads to normal digestive system working and the removes toxins out of body. Therefore, it is healthy to drink fresh beet juice, add beets in salads, soups. But beware: fresh beet juice is not suitable for all. Those who suffer from gastrointestinal tract and liver diseases should take it with special care.

Ginger. Thanks to high content of vitamins, amino acids and essential oils in it, this spice is able to improve digestion and stimulates gastric juice formation, and therefore makes foods easily digested. The combination of ginger, pepper mint, black elder flowers and milfoil (as tea), relieves severe abdominal pain and normalizes blood circulation. Dry ginger flakes and ground ginger are slightly sharper than fresh ginger and are more penetrative.

Chile peppers and sharp spices stimulate the digestive system and mucous work, and thus activate the process of removing toxins and degradation products out of organism. If your digestive system is weak and you are not accustomed to have spicy food, use minimal amount of spices.

Round brown rice. It is a good absorbent product; it is rich in vitamins and fiber. Try to buy rice which was grown naturally. If you cannot find round raw rice grains, use brown long-grained rice. Boiled brown rice has a positive effect on human digestive system.

Olive oil. The recent research has shown that young olive oil of cold extraction is useful for heart and circulatory system. It also stimulates the digestive system, improves stomach, intestine and liver work, and has cholagogue action. We recommend you to eat few olives regularly, or indulge yourself with vegetable and fruit salads more often; fill salads with olive oil.

Fruits, and fruits again. They have all the useful of mentioned above: vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, and high content of liquid. In addition, there is nothing more pleasant than ripe fruit flesh: of mango, peach, watermelon, pear, or ripe berries.