Monday, February 9, 2009

The French Diet or What We Can Learn From the French

The French DietThe traditional French diet is simple, it has not a delicacy promoted by French restaurants. The French are inclined to fat as well as other nations, but it happens because they prefer eating the traditional food for the sake of changing tempo of life, advertising, etc. What distinguishes the traditional French feeding system?

1. The freshness. There are a lot of fresh food, high-quality fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices in a diet which make food delicious without adding extra calories.

2. Balance. We can say that each meal includes all food product groups (fruits, vegetables, bread, fish, meat, oil, etc.). The French diet is rich with healthy fats. They take a lot of olive oil and butter. The French do not torment themselves with question of fat in their diet, they also do not trespass bad fats, margarine and hydrogenated fats.

3. Moderate eating. This is probably the most important thing that we can borrow from the French and is achieved by means of small portions. The French eat everything; even desserts are allowed for them. Small portions allow them to indulge themselves.

4. The pleasure of eating. The French know how to get pleasure from the process of food uptake. They masticate food properly and by easy stages, and they never eat in front of the TV. During the meal, they zero only in food.

5. Dining at home. The French prefer eating at home, thus it is easier to control products and food quality. Americans prefer eating anywhere but not at home; and then they suffer from fat excess in dish they have eaten, and very large portions of food.

6. Active lifestyle. The French like walking on foot. They often are forced to do so, because it is difficult to find parking in old urban centers. But this has benefits for their health and figure.

In general, we should borrow the ability to enjoy food, small portions, fruit and vegetable variety from the French diet, as well as active lifestyle and a positive approach to life.