Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to Fight with Overeating. Part 1.

How to Fight with OvereatingWhen it comes to our favorite but harmful food such as chocolate, ice cream, sausages, crisps, we can’t help eating more than healthy diet permits. Some dietitians give us recommendations not to keep our favorite food at home to avoid unnecessary temptations. Others, conversely, give us advice not to reject it, because the total giving up only heats the desire. The truth is somewhere half way along as always.

Tactics 1. "Out of sight - out of mind"
For majority of people, such tactic works best: if we have no favorite but the harmful product at our hands, the chances not to eat or at least temporarily replace it with less caloric products are increasing. If we have chocolate or potato crisps at hand all the time and while opening the kitchen cupboard we always flash on them, so the temptation to eat for at least a bit is hard to fight. Having begun it is almost impossible to stop. If you should go for the chocolate bar in the shop, and in bad weather, these efforts help to overcome. In addition, vision plays a large part in a psychological hunger. A primary role of the matter how much food you eat at one scoop often depends on how much food you have in front of you. Researches have shown that blindfolded people eat much fewer calories than people in normal circumstances.

So the tactics "out of sight - out of mind" does not mean total rejection of a beloved product. Index is to determine for yourself the amount of product and circumstances under which you allow yourself to enjoy them. It is much easier to control portion size and frequency of use. If you decide that once a week you can afford to go to a cafe, or eat a piece of cake, drinking tea with a friend, then try to abide by your decision. At the end, you do not forbid yourself eating ice-cream or cake but merely postponed a "sweet moment" for a while.

Tactics 2. "Separation enlarges love"
The devotees of this tactics believe that the favorite meal prohibition is an infant approach to nutrition, because it is an avoiding responsibility for their actions. A mature approach provides a reasonable, responsible nutrition, the ability to recognize the feeling of satiety, the feeling of real hunger and distinguish it from the mental hunger, the ability to determine the size of portions and the ability to consciously refuse harmful or high-calorie meal.

Each of us is simultaneously "a child" who wants to eat so much favorite food how much he wants, and "an adult" who prohibits him from doing so. To satisfy "a child" we must have access to his favorite food and the opportunity to have it when he wants. But we need the process of absorption of favorite product not to be accompanied by excess weight and a sense of guilt, so "an adult" inside us must keep in mind about self-discipline and be able to control the consumption of food. Only a few have this discipline.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lemon Detox Diet

Lemon Detox DietThe so called "detox diets" are becoming more and more popular. The meaning of such a diet is not simply to lose weight but also to detoxify the body, to move toxic wastes out of the body. The main component of such kind of a diet is lemon. Lemon gives us much energy, detoxifies the body, stimulates the burning of fats and brightens our complexion. This citrus is a store-room of vitamins and other nutritious substances.

The Lemonade Receipt
The first step of lemon cleansing is eliminating toxins from the body. Also stabilization of digestion comes, better absorption of nutritious substances, and in general, you feel better. Cleansing is not just fasting or immediate changing of your eating habits. Underfeeding brings your body into the state of stress. As a result of it, the opposite thing happens: instead of detoxifying, our body starts storing larger amounts of different substances, along with toxins.

For effective cleansing it is better to eat food rich in fiber and drink lots of water in order to wash out toxins. Remember, you should not drink only water, but you should drink water with lemon juice. The receipt of the lemonade is as follows: take one glass of water, add two spoonfuls of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Water for the lemonade must be warm or at least of room temperature. For better taste, you can add some vanilla or cinnamon. You should drink one glass of the mixture immediately after awakening, and also before each meal including lunch at 10:00 and dinner at 16:00

Well-balanced nutrition
To speed up the process of cleansing of your body and stimulate the loss of unnecessary kilos, it will be useful to stick to rational, well-balanced nourishment. Give preferences to light and wholesome food, different salads, dairy products, fruits, first courses, whole-grain bread, boiled meat or baked fish. An hour before going to bed, drink the last glass of water with lemon juice. As a result, you will be surprised to find yourself feeling much better and energetic, even by the end of a hard day.

Except stimulating digestion, lemon and water, reduce appetite because of the water you drink before each meal. This water prevents you from the attacks of furious hunger, and your portions will become twice smaller soon.
The coordinated work of all parts of the alimentary canal prevents many diseases, maintains the immune system of your body at the proper level, and prolongs youth. Absence of obesity and extra weight lowers heart, vessels, spine loading, gives you lightness and good mood.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Most Famous Diets in the World. Part 2.

Hollywood Diet3. Hollywood Diet. Hollywood Diet or more famous as the South Beach Diet has been described by cardiologist Arthur Agatston at the first time. Once he decided to help people with bad heart to lose weight. Magazines declare in unison that this diet has become a real breakthrough, especially in South Florida, land of bikini.
This diet principal calls up to consume food with low glicemic level. Don’t be afraid. It’s really simple. Glycemic index in (GI) shows the product’s ability to rise up glucose level of your blood (to compare with pure glucose), and the food ability to rise up sugar level in your blood. Higher-glycemic food is easily digested and absorbed by your body. Food with low glycemic index rises up sugar level in your blood much slower, because carbohydrates contained in this food do not get absorbed at once.

Thus, glycemic index shows up the speed at which food transforms into glucose and is being absorbed to show then up in blood. The fat is not being stored if the consumed food glycemic index (GI) is lower than 50. The point is you only have to remember the list of allowed food stuffs and eat unlimited quantities of them up.

You can lose up to 5 kilos for 2 weeks while keeping this diet. Popular singer Beyonce arranges her ration this way. She performs it in two stages. At the first stage she refuses all foodstuffs with GI 35 and more points. For two weeks she loses those hated kilos.
• Beef, veal, pork, poultry (skinless) – boiled would be the best
• Seafood
• Cheese – low- or nonfat
• Nuts – peanuts (20 pieces), pistachio (30) or walnuts (7)
• Egg, not limited, if your health allows you such a treatment
• Vegetables: artichokes, asparagus, legumes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumbers, vegetable marrows, egg-plants, tomatoes (no more than one per day), celery, spinach, turnip
• Mushrooms
• Sugar-free spices, lemon juice
TABOO for alcohol, sweet drinks, fruit!

At the second stage you may include into your ration food with Glicemin index 35-50. This stage is aimed to keep your result at the reached level. As for food with GI over 50, you should exclude it from your ration forever.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Most Famous Diets in the World. Part 1.

The Most Famous Diets in the WorldDietology is a science of our bodies’ beauty. Human being is beautiful since the day of his creation, that’s why our desire to have a nice young body is natural. This desire is thousands of years old. Nowadays there are three great diets acknowledged by humanity.

1. Chinese diet. Yes, yes! Exactly! Chinese diet is really worth to occupy the first position as it has passed the testing through thousands of years. Along with its good effect in the field of weight loss it had influenced the things such a way, that a Chinese sick with oncological or cardiovascular diseases appears to be nonsense today. The main rule of Chinese cuisine directs you to the plenty of sea food, cereals and vegetables cooked by traditional manner: everything should be finely cut, grated, chopped up such a way for the one has almost nothing to chew.

One of Chinese diet components is rice, but consuming of it is limited to some extend for not to harm the body with this pretty heavy food. Chinese dietitians pay much attention to mineral water and recommend drinking at least 1 litre of it daily. Mineral water clears the bowels of chemical waste, helps to keep the body fit and rejuvenates it intensively. Chinese dietology recommends starting the day with two glasses of warm or hot distilled water consumed on an empty stomach. This procedure clears the bowels well, assists better digestion and nutritious substances absorbing.

2. Potato diet. Potato diet enjoys great popularity. In contempt of legends, potato really helps to lose pair-trio kilos of weight for weekend, as its energy value makes only 70 calories. At the same time potato makes you full easily, it contains plenty of vitamins C, B, calcium and sodium thanks to which excess liquid goes out of the body.

The actress Julia Roberts keeps such a diet. At the end of each week she arranges a healthy weekend for herself and loses weight down to three kilograms. Anyway, remember to consult your doctor if you keep strictly this or any other mono-diet. Do not forget to take pharmaceutical vitamins.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seven Perfect Foodstuffs for Weight Loss

Seven Perfect Foodstuffs for Weight LossIn case if you would have to find yourself at the deserted island, which food would you like to have there? First you might have thought about some mouth-watering snacks, but finally you would definitely dream about healthy food to keep you fit and beautiful. Thus, we choose useful, rich for minerals food and neglect the one overfilled with trans-fats, rich for fats or sodium (Na). So, if you want to lose weight, you should do the same.

Almonds. Proteins and fiber combination in this tasty nut will keep you full of energy. Almond, this reach source of healthy mono-unsaturated fats also contains calcium and vitamin E. Almond consumption will help you to strengthen bones and low down cholesterol even. Go ahead! Try this: add some fried pieces or slices of almond to the cooked vegetables, e.g. broccoli, cabbage or green beans.

Avocado. Avocado is rich for oils, but the bigger part of them is mono-unsaturated one. It also contains vitamin C, potassium, folate and lutein, which make healthy impact on your eyes. Avocado contains seed sterol (beta-sitosterol), which helps to low down the cholesterol level. Try this: mash avocado till liquid slurry condition, add some lemon or lime juice and consume it instead of mayonnaise or other spices.

Broccoli. Broccoli is the rich source of vitamins A, C, K and beta-carotene.

Eggs. For 75 calories only one small egg fills you with 13 essential minerals and vitamins. The eggs also make us stronger as they appear to be a rich source of useful protein.

Sweet potato (batata). One batata contains day’s quantity of beta-carotene, really nourishing substance which prevents cancer appearance. Your heart will also be happy because of vitamin C and potassium contained in batata. Try this: mash the baked batata in vegetable broth and serve as the first course.

Teff. These tiny grains are simply overfilled with nourishing substances: teff contains twice as much of iron (Fe) and twenty times more of calcium than other grains, plus the efficient amount of fibers. Try this: ½ glass of dry teff pour over with ¼ glass of boiled water. Let the mixture brew up for about 10 minutes, then mix it with lean beef or turkey to make healthy and tasty sandwich.

Yoghurt (low-fat, food additive free). Yoghurt, like the other dairy products, appears to be a rich source of protein and calcium. But, due to its bioactive cultures (beneficent bacteria) it can positively treat your digestion and immunity systems.