Monday, December 22, 2008

Appetite Control in Your Hands: 6 Products Reducing Feeling of Hunger

Appetite Control in Your HandsApples
Apples have the quality to stifle the appetite. Such foodstuffs with great content of dietary fibers like apples, need more time for chewing. So you have additional time to let your organism know that you are not hungry. That’s why the possibility of overeating comes down. There was an experiment in Brazil. Women, who ate three little apples a day as a part of the healthy diet, lost more weight than women, who didn’t eat apples. Also apples are natural antiphlogistic means.

Cedar nuts
Cedar nuts have the greatest number of protein among all other kind of nuts or seed. In Siberia hollow hand of cedar nuts is a traditional addition for any food to make the feeling of satiation. What is the secret?
Cedar nuts have natural polyunsaturated fats, which stimulate two big hormones, overpowering hunger. Both hormones send signal to brain that you are not hungry. During an experiment people, who eat cedar nuts, ate other food about 36% less.

Linseed oil
Linseed oil is the best vegetative source of fats Omega-3. Additionally you get 8 grams of fibers. So fresh oil helps to control appetite. You should add linseed oil in salad or vegetables.

Oatmeal porridge
Natural oatmeal porridge is one of the healthiest carbohydrates. It has rich content of fibers, so porridge can save feeling satiety for a long time. If you eat one plate of oatmeal porridge every day, you decrease the cholesterol level from 8 till 23%.

If you don’t want overeating, try to eat some salad before meal. Fibers help to lower sugar level in blood and so feeling of hunger is decreased. According one research, when 42 women eat simple salad containing 100 calories before dinner, they eat 12% calories less during a meal. Try to vary salads with spinach, chicory and cabbage. Any green will help to restrain feeling hunger.

Soup is one of the most important parts of appetite control and weight loss. Some researches showed that men and women, who ate 2 portions of low-cal soup every day lost on 50% more than those people, who ate light snacks and counted calories. The secret is that soup contains a lot of water and fewer calories as result. It’s important to choose clear soups or vegetable soups, but not cream ones.