Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ultimate Guide on Muscle Building

Ultimate Guide on Muscle BuildingEveryMuscle Ebook is an experience of one person on his venture to fitness and a great physique. It doesnt matter what age you are or how fat/thin you are, take it slow and move to getting better. You know that your physique should be in perfect shape for you to look good and feel good. Great physique adds up to your personality. With EveryMuscle Ebook you can actually get the perfect physique you require with a planned programme. Below are just a few of whats included in the program.

- 3 Muscle Types you need to Work on: This describes the 3 types of muscle tissues in your body and how to work them optimally for best results.

- How to Find Max Rep Rate: It's important to find out what's your Maximum Rep Rate to Get the Maximum Muscle Growth. Increasing weights and reducing Reps may work for some muscle and may not for others. Finding the Right proportion is essential To the Maximum Growth of Muscles.

- Top 10 Mistakes Beginners make: Injuries are integral part of Body building, reducing it and Gaining faster recovery is essential. Find what's best for you to reduce injuries and Gain Faster Recovery.

- Free Weight Work out Routines: No matter where you are, in a hotel room or a Bath Room, You can use these straight Free-weight exercises to get the maximum burning without weights.

- Cable Work out Routines: Find out how you can work out every muscle in your body with just one machine in the Gym.

- Split Workout Routines: For those who are bored of the same gym routines, Try the Split Routine to get the Real pump on.

- 6 Pack Secrets: Yes we mean it. This is a no nonsense way of getting a perfect 6 pack in as little time as possible.

- Nutrition Basics: This is essential for Beginners who are starting up and also for advanced professionals. Keeping your Diet is an integral part of Building a perfect physique. Find what to eat and what to avoid.

- Tips to Motivation: This one part keeps you going for a long time. If you are not motivated, you may be paying your Gym money to the Dogs. So don't do it. Get motivated and start working.

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