Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BodyBot - The World’s Fastest Workout

A well-known fitness expert named Ryan Lee created the first fitness robot that makes losing weight quick and foolproof. He affectionately named the robot: BodyBot. The state-of-the-art BodyBot software is based on the exact same workout system developed by Ryan that Men’s Fitness Magazine hails as "The World’s Fastest Workout".

The scientifically designed BodyBot was created to get you as fit as possible - quickly and easily. The BodyBot delivers high-velocity weight-loss results in as few as 4 minutes a day. Below is a short video clip so you can see BodyBot in action. You are about to experience the how easy it is to lose weight – in as few as 4 minutes a day…

You need to change up your workouts so your body doesn’t adapt to the workout. This is a vital and often overlooked aspect of most fitness programs. Plus there is the all-important emotional component to exercise. By doing the same routine repeatedly - you will get bored. It’s only a matter of time before you hop of the fitness wagon. But when you have new workouts to look forward to, you never get bored. Every day is a new challenge and you actually look forward to your next workout.

It is definitely easy to create workouts with BodyBot. All you have to do is be able to click a mouse. BodyBot puts the entire workout together for you. It’s foolproof and takes less than 30 seconds to create new fat-burning workout.

Remember that with BodyBot you can create as many workouts as you want. There are literally over one billion different workout combinations - so you never have to repeat the same workout if you don’t want to.

With BodyBot, you get the bonus reports included with your BodyBot membership. You’ll get a pack of “Done-4-U” workouts plus a quick-start guide to get you on your way…

Welcome to visit BodyBot website to find out more free videos and tons of useful information.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Four Fashionable Diet-Ideas

Four Fashionable Diet-IdeasAcrospired seeds
Energy and vitality
Germination increases the ferment activity, so the number of vitamins and minerals is increased too. Radish, wheat, barley, soy, rice… All these can be eaten separately, in various dishes, juices or sandwiches. You can buy all these in the market or grow in your garden.

Exotic flavouring
Immunity strengthening
Exotics is in fashion now. It’s good, because ginger, karri, caraway, paprika and cinnamon gives the special taste even to common dishes. Also they have the great antiseptic effect and strengthen immunity. Don’t forget, if you want to save all useful qualities of spices, keep them in dry and dark place. Ginger combines with fried shrimps, karri with rice, anise combines with exotic dishes: Indian or Chinese.

Milk cocktails
Antioxidants and calcium
Thick milk drinks with fruit filling have many vitamins and calcium. But choose free-fat milk and yoghurts. And don’t add sugar! Also you’d better to change caw milk to sheep, goat or soya-based milk. Cellulose contained in fruits and berries, lets to feel satiety without snacks.
Well, mix fruits, fruit juice and yoghurt in equal parts and add 3 ice-blocks. Have a nice taste!

Raw foodstuff
Fount of vitamins
Sure you know that there are more microelements and vitamins in raw foodstuff than in boiled. Pay attention to food quality! Fish and meat have to be very fresh and clean. Generally it’s very useful to eat by one fruit and one vegetable every day; and unboiled meat and fish once a week.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Diet

Summer DietIt is very tasty diet for 7 days. Especially it is very useful in summer, when you can choose fresh fruits and vegetables easily. Well, prepare those vegetables and fruits, which you like most of all, and eat them for the whole day – for breakfast, dinner and supper. Here is the model pattern of the diet.

The first day is vegetable day. For example, you’ve chosen cucumbers. You can eat them as much as you want, even 10 pounds during a day. But you need in additional liquid for your organism. So, drink more mineral water in this day.

It is a fruit day. Choose apples, oranges or pears and divide them for 4-5 food intakes. Eat the main part of fruits for dinner. Also you are permitted to drink the glass of kefir or yoghurt.

Today you should eat berries. It can be aromatic fresh strawberry, plum or gooseberry. Eat berries during the day and drink mineral or boiled water without limits.

In this day you prefer sour dairy produce. Choose kefir, yoghurt or sour clotted milk and sip slowly during the whole day. If you feel being hungry, eat some non-fat curds with sugar. The glass of kefir at night will be the best end of the day.

Vegetables again. It can be cabbage, potatoes (boiled), pumpkin or tomatoes. Eat only vegetables and drink mineral water.

Devote this day to any kind of berries, for example, cherries, apricots or peaches. Don’t forget to drink a glass of kefir at night.

It is the most difficult day in this diet. You have to drink only any fruit juice – apple, grape or orange all the time and nothing more. But when you look at yourself, you will be thankful for your patience!