Saturday, December 1, 2007

Juice is the First Helper for Your Organism

Juice is the First Helper for Your OrganismNothing can help our organism more than juices. Many problems in our organism can be resolved with regular use of different juices. It is stockroom for vitamins. Every kind of juice has own special effects. What are they?

Apple juice is natural sedative mean. It is especially useful for people who have metabolic diseases.

Plum juice helps people with gastric and enteric problems very well.

Cherry juice is irreplaceable for people who want to lose weight. In this juice there are many active ferments, which set up the feeling of satiety.

Pear juice helps to take slags out from organism and regulate the work of bowels.

Lemon juice takes away mental and muscle tiredness.

Tomato juice stimulates our memory very good.

Peach and apricot juices have salutary effect on eyesight and work of heart. If you drink these juices regularly your hair and nails begin to grow faster.

And all of them are pleasant to drink, aren’t they?