Monday, November 26, 2007

About Use of Supper

About Use of SupperEvery day after work people go to the gym. Are you one of them? So you know that after evening training and whole working day people want to eat much. But they are afraid to have supper because they think that late supper prevents to lose weight.

There is the theory that we often put on the weight only because we "eat" more calories that our organism needs. After overeating unexpended calories are turned into extra pounds and saved for long "deposit". Last time this theory becomes more widespread. But assertion that the reason of overweight is late supper is considered like myth.

During athletic classes in the gym you expend glycogen – main source of energy for muscles, formed from glucose. So you have to fortify your forces after training to restore supplies of carbohydrate in your organism. So you should have supper. Also if you don't have supper you’ll have problems with sleep. Or in the morning you begin to eat with so strong desire that you can cancel the progress of previous day. Light supper, even if it is late supper, won’t harm. The main thing is not to eat much. Of course your trainer can give you the consultation about meal.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Does Fast Food Mean Fat Food?

Does Fast Food Mean Fat Food?Women say that it is difficult to lose weight, because they do not have time to prepare healthy meals. They work long hours, care for their family and are simply too tired at the end of the day to prepare meals with good nutrition and suitable caloric value. So, eating out becomes a way of life for many families. In addition, the fast-food industry spreads a myth that you need lots of time to cook healthy meals.

Most people know that fast food is not good for them, but many do not realize how dangerous it really is. Fast foods are generally high in salt, fat, and refined carbohydrates, and low in vitamins and minerals. High intake of fast food is linked to high body weight. People who ate fast food more than two times per week gained an average about 10 pounds more than those who ate fast food less than once per week. Generally along with smoking, substance abuse and inactivity, fast food presents one of the greatest public-interest health threats to Americans today.

When a person is told that fast food is not good for him from a nutritional point of view, he is hardly surprised. The relationship between fast food and the almost epidemic obesity of the American population is a fairly well known fact. Still, the factors that make fast food so popular still seem to be powerful enough to make the majority of the population ignore the obvious risks of poor nutrition and weight problems. Fast food is easily available, relatively cheap, most people find it tasty and filling and it can be purchased fast.

There are very few alternatives to the high fat and high calorie menus in the fast food restaurants. Although many seem to be making some attempt to offer low cal alternatives, they end up ruining these offerings with sauces and dressings loaded with fat content. Even though these alternatives are offered, it is still the hamburger and fried chicken that is the king of fast food, and little has been done to reduce the impact of these foods on obesity.

There is advertising competition among the fast food restaurants to show that their fast food is least harmful to the consumer and even lists nutrition facts to prove that it is good for you. If you frequently eat out at fast food restaurants, you should consider the nutritional information they now provide to make good choice. It is possible to do that if you carefully pay attention to the details listed.

If you want to lose weight or release yourself from an eating disorder, try to eat these healthy types of foods: vegetables, root vegetables, potatoes, lettuce, fruits, berries, fish, porridge and lean dairy products. Unfortunally, many people live on a diet that consists mainly of pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, sweets, soft drinks and chips. If you are doubtful whether you should regularly eat a certain type of food, check if it causes compulsive eating or makes you want to eat even when you do not need more. Avoid all food that has this kind of effect.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fasting Days for Weight Loss

Fasting Days for Weight LossLast time the theme of fasting days makes more popular, because people realize the importance of fasting for their own health. Fasting helps to keep normal weight and the normal weight is major component of healthy lifestyle. As far as you know, there are many ways to keep the weight ideal, and one of them is fasting days. Fasting days is one of most efficient ways to keep the ideal weight.

Wikipedia informs us that fasting is primarily the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. We don’t talk to religious or spiritual reasons of fasting, but desire to have ideal weight and to be healthy and beautiful motivates more and more people to know more about fasting.

So fasting can become an exciting way to begin a healthy diet. Often, while fasting, feelings of euphoria and emotional balance can be enjoyed. Your excess body fat quickly drops, and you will like your mirror reflection, maybe for the first time in years. A three day fast helps rid the body of toxins, a five day fast starts the healing process, and a ten day fast should take care of most problems before they arise. It is a scientific fact that by fasting three days a month, you heal faster and can extend your life several years.

You can choose your own variant of fasting days – water, juice, vegetables or any other days. But you’d better to prepare for a fast in advance. Eat only raw foods two days before a fast. Don’t fast on water alone. Don't chew gum or mints. This starts the digestive juices flowing and is harmful to the system. Don’t drink orange or tomato juice on a fast. Don’t eat junk, especially during a fast. The last thing you eat will be the next thing you crave! If you eat junk, you'll want more junk. If you eat veggies, you’ll want something healthy.

There are various variants of fasting days for any taste, but the main of them are light and strict:

Light fasting days: Milk and tea days – green or black tea plus 500 ml. of milk. Sugar is forbidden. Sometimes you can use sweeteners. Tea and lemon days – drink tea with lemon, sweetening it with honey. Lemonade day – drink home lemonade: mineral water, lemon juice or honey.

Strict days: Days of sour milk – one liter of non-fat milk. Curd days – 2 lb of non-fat curd. Apple days – 3 lb of apples. Soup days – 2 liters of cabbage soup by any recipe.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

3 Day Apple Diet

3 Day Apple DietApple diet is ideal for cleansing of all organism and weight loss, because apples contain almost all vitamins and mineral matters we need, including folic acid, sugar and pectin. Many dietitians advise to spend 2-3 fasting apple days per a week. Today I offer 3-days apple diet. Food value of apples is 37-46 kilocalories for 100 gram.

The first day: you can eat only apples for the whole day, but not more 2 kg. It can be apples, apple sauce, grated apples, and baked apples. For supper you should drink cocktail from equal parts of fresh apple juice and mineral soda water. You can add some lemon juice in cocktail.

The second and the third days: menu like in the first day and also you are permitted to eat 200 g of non-fat curd. As for drinking, there are two opinions, you can choose yourself. One way is that you should drink much, but herb infusions, not water. Or you should follow diet without drinking, because apples contain liquid. Choice depends on your feelings and requirements of organism.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Lose Weight with Natural Weight Loss Approaches

Lose Weight with Natural Weight Loss ApproachesIn today’s world, being obese is one of the biggest problems that million adults and children are suffering from. A natural weight loss approach puts emphasis on a holistic system, which considers elimination of wastage products from the system to restoring healthy body weight. It does not focus only the elimination of the symptoms of the problem; rather it tries to encounter the problem from its roots, contrary to the traditional chemical-based medicinal approaches. Below are few of natural weight loss approaches.

Fasting: Fasting is known as the most ancient process to keep your system healthy and to restore health as well. It is indeed a natural healing mechanism. Fasting facilitates a complete cleansing process incorporating each cell and tissues in our body. Within duration of less than 24 hours of food intake, enzymes produced within the body start entering into intestine and blood stream instead of stomach and these enzymes in the course of their movement gulp up all kinds of waste particles including dead and spoiled cells. Meanwhile, they resist entering different microbes, pollutants and metabolic wastes. Quite obviously, at this stage all organs and glands become able to relax, the tissues are revived, and their functions are restored.

Herbal Solution: Since ancient ages, a wide range of herbs are well-respected for their ability to alleviate symptoms of various complications associated with our health system in general. This is truly applicable for obesity also. Fennel is useful for suppressing appetite. It has the ability to curb your appetite so nicely that you do not need to feed much. To have a good control over your consumption of food, you can add fennel in your diet or you may have fennel tea. You can also have sage or thyme as alternative for fennel.

Have Light Food: Depending on green vegetables with a plentiful of water can always be beneficial for your health. Green vegetables help you to have required nutrition, whereas water helps cleansing your system. If you are inclined on natural weight loss process, you may depend on beet green, lettuce, Swiss chard, collards, turnip greens and other leafy vegetables. You may feed yourself with bulgur wheat, because its constituents include protein, niacin and iron. It is a great source of fiber, whereas low in sodium and fat. Soup and low calorie meal are beneficial for being aligned with natural weight loss program. While having your soup, you must not have cream ones in order to avoid being obese.

Regular Exercise: If you truly desire about loosing your extra weight, you must be truly honest to your goal and required actions to achieve your goal. A safe well-balanced healthy diet in addition to regular exercise has no other alternative for natural weight loss. Make a daily schedule and follow it strictly for performing exercise. You may make a minimum of one-hour walk everyday to make you feel healthier and more active. It will help you to burn extra calories from your system and promote a healthy system eventually.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Is It Breakfast Not for You?

Is it breakfast not for you?Think better, because breakfast is the most important part of the meal during the whole day. There is the good alternative for people, who prefer to miss a breakfast.

Most women spend morning time trying to make everything in time. They take a shower, make hair-do every morning, clean teeth, choose fit suit. Maybe you like to sleep extra 15 minutes in the morning? Maybe you fight for slender waist? We don’t know why, but we have less and less time for breakfast. The oftener you begin to miss morning meal, the less you need it. Many women noticed that they can’t even think about food before 10 a. m.

But organism begins to play mean joke with us. Depriving yourself of the breakfast, you shift it in the condition of hunger. So instead of beginning the process of metabolism (incineration of calories), organism slows it down to keep failing energy. Of course, you can not to feel it right now, but in the definite moment there will be problems with level of sugar in the blood.

Experts advise to try smoothies as an alternative of breakfast for those people who haven’t enough time or who don’t want to eat. Smoothie is mixed cooled drink, made from fresh fruits and fruit juices, with adding ice, quick-frozen fruits or frozen yoghurt. Everything you need to prepare it is blender and fruits. It is very easy to make smoothie. You can take it with you at work.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Watermelon Diet

Watermelon dietMany women desire to weight loss without exhausting diets or hard exercises. Are you one of them? Well, take a note of watermelon fasting. You have the chance to lose couple of pounds eating watermelon one or two days a week. Eat half of middle sized watermelon or drink 1 glass of watermelon juice from three to five times a day. And you don't need to eat or drink something else, except boiling water.

Please, remember that watermelon is low-calorie diet, but rich in vitamins and microelements. It’s used for improving kidneys work, good for liver, bile-excreting parts and blood. Your skin will feel and look healthy too, as a result of these improvements. But you should consult with your physician before utilizing this diet, because watermelon diet has some restrictions.